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I have personally dove around the coast of South Africa and experienced swimming under a ceiling full of hammer-head sharks, along with great white cage diving I developed a new passion for these great creatures. These images will always be remembered and hopefully one day be renewed. Rob Stewart you were able to recreate these experiences on the big screen while providing an in depth look into the brutal massacre of shark finning. This film has driven me to make a difference, I hope others if not act upon this at least see this film. I for one think the sales of shark products in a country such as Canada should be prohibited, as I left the

Go see SHARKWATER. I went to an advanced screening of SHARKWATER, all that I can say is WOW! What is SHARKWATER? Well, it is a spectacular documentary that started out as a way for director, Rob Stewart, to show people that sharks are a wonderful creature that should be marveled, not feared; but it turned in to a lot more. First off, SHARKWATER is visually stunning; there are many wonderful shots of the oceans most perfect inhabitant. Stewart shows us how politically corrupt countries are allowing the slaughter of millions of sharks every year. Stewart sets the record straight and this documentary will show how the dedication and passion of a few can start conservation revolution. I will rec
- Brent Podruzny

I seen the movie and it inspired me to help. I put a link on this chat site nexopia. to incourge others to sign the pledge , see the movie and help the sharks. in anyway they possibly can
- nicole

I enjoyed it even more than SHARK TALE, my previous favourite film about sharks.

I was immediately moved and compelled to do something and I did! The time to act is now in order to save our planet.
- B.J.

SAVE THE SHARKS plese ( SOS ) I love the sharks. Just everyone in the hole world wanna se this movie, the world will be change..

Finally someone who did this film, its about time people realise the importance of Sharks...I think the next step would be an international campain againts country who don`t protect sharks in the Tourism industry, it would make a "killing"!!!

Loved this movie. It was a great wake up call. I went home an donated money immediately. We need more of these films. It is such a beautiful and sad portrayal of life underwater. I only went to this film initally because my boyfriend wanted to go...But I am a bigger fan now.

It is so sad that the destruction of a species was going on with relatively little attention from the rest of the world. This movie has made the public aware, and now its time that we all do something about it.

Everyone should see this movie!! Visually stunning and thought-provoking, I was moved beyond words. By the end of the movie my tears were replaced with anger. But as hard as it was to watch the atrocities sharks endure in the name of commerce, ignorance is never the answer. Hopefully others feel as compelled to help as I did when I left the theater. See