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oh my god. i was.. inspired! definitely FIVE stars. it made me want to do something, you reached out to me. im only 14 and i want to stop these disgusting acts that are endangering not just the sharks ecosystem but also our own. It was remarkable. I was speechless after watching it. It made me cry. I can't believe we have been SO.. oblivious towards this! Rob Stewart is AMAZING. No one in my family knew this was going on, and now we (or well i know I am!) to stop this! There are no words to describe what emotions i felt after watching this movie. I have always loved watching shows on animals, and when i went to florida this past march break all i could think of was " I want to swim wi
- Ali Tafts

What a moving and remarkable documentary. It's scary how many people choose to look the other way to what is happening to such a vital part of our world. The world needs more people like Rob Stewart who see these creatures for the beautiful creatures they are. We protect the warm, fuzzy and cute but why does it have to be about esthetic apperance? Bravo!!
- H. Morris

If no one gets attacked and eaten by a Great White, I will not see it. I took me a life time to fear sharks, don`t ruin their imaige by making them the victims. Jaws and Deep Blue Sea are the greatest shark movies ever. Rob Stewart just turned them into cute little puppies.

This was the best documentary I have ever seen!!! It was entertaining, and enlightening. I cannot believe that we, the general public, have been so oblivious to such disgusting practices that are endangering our ecosystem. We should be very greatful to Rob Stewart for bringing it to light! Well done :)

Truly a remarkable documentary, well written, well portrayed and stunning. Everyone on the planet should own a copy if this. Videos like this should be shown in every high school, to encourage and inform our youth. Mainstream movies should become a thing of the past in comparision to such moving footage. We should all be ashamed in how we treat our planet - Sharkwater brings that shame to light. truly the best documentary I have ever had the pleasure to view.
- Dean Penton

This movie goes right up top with one of our favourites. It was such a great movie that helped the general public know about what is happening to the sharks around the world. We are so oblivious to a lot of what is happening to our ecosystems and this movie is a great way to get word out so we can help protect such magical creatures of the sea. This movie was so well put together; the footage, the music, and the drama...fantastic film. I hope everyone goes out to see sharkwater as it will help us all work together to save our world as we know it!
- Chris and Julie, Guelph, ON

Sharkwater is the movie the sharks have been waiting for, and literally couldn't continue to live without. It will open the general publics' eyes to a slaughter that goes on relatively unchecked. Hopefully, it will initiate public action which is long overdue. Joel Shilliday Shark Research Institute
- Joel Shilliday

Rod Stewart is to be commended for this stunning and beautiful work.

This movie has a strong message that really sticks with you. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am very glad to know that more and more people are starting not to fear sharks. Why are we scared of them? Because they have lots of teeth. Why are they REALLY scared of us? Because we cut of their fins, that have no taste, for a soup and then throw them back into the ocean to die. Anybody who wants to see an exceptionally good documentary should go see this.

This movie was one of the best documentaries i have ever scene and it brought a big message to the world trying to get them to stop Finning Sharks and try to protect these misunderstood creatures
- Jacob