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This was a definite eye opener. I had no idea that something like this was going on. I think everyone should go see this film and take your children too. Not just to see the horrible crime that is taking place but to see the beauty of the sea and why we need to protect it. Thank you Rob for bring this to the light of day!
- Linda Krizic

i think this movie is a very good idea for one i love sharks andits about time there is a movie that can show ppl that they are not deadly and dont mean to harm u so ppl wont be afraid of sharks as well.

why are they killing them ? they are nice scary but nice even on the movie it`s amazing what real sharks look like. Cool huh? well I can`t say how sorry I am for the sharks. I would like to swim with the sharks too well got to go bye thanks for the advice.

A moving and important message all wrapped up with stunningly beautiful underwater footage. It received a standing ovation when I saw it! GO SEE IT!

Watched screening last night and was truly amazed and shocked. Very educational and very sad at the same time. Would recommend it to anyone who cares for the environment and loves learning.

I saw the preview last night and I sent the comments below to all of my email contacts this morning - I thought I'd share it with you....Congratulations to Rob on a job well done. I hope Everyone sees this film. "I saw the preview for an extremely important documentary last night called Sharkwater and I feel compelled to share a personal recommendation with you. The documentary was made by a young Canadian marine biologist/underwater photographer from Toronto named Rob Stewart. It's his first documentary. The film has gone on to win multiple awards at various international independent film festivals. Reviews are describing it as a cross between "Winged Migration" and "Bowling for C
- Venetia

It starts off slowly as a beautiful shark movie, then changes into an unbelievable environmental thriller! You must see this movie!

- doug

whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo it rules

I just saw the premier screening of Sharkwater here in Boston at our annual scuba exhibition, Sea Rovers. I don't think I will ever be the same again. Like Rob, I have always had a love for marine life, but sharks have always captivated me. I am also a technical diver and dive mainly rebreathers. Many of the feelings that Rob expressed during the presentation, such as being so moved that he was speechless the first time he saw a shark in the water, were my same experiences. I've also traveled the world, to Costa Rica and the South Pacific and swam with these magnificent animals, never feeling fear but utter joy and amazement to be in their company. I have to say I cried throughto
- Yvette Golay