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omg i was nearly crying when i saw the poor sharks getting their fins cut off! it was such a good movie and im glad my science teacher showed our class the movie :)
- kj 13

awsome movie i never knew a bout the poor sharks
- bob

awsome movie
- bob

The movie was very beautiful and i like it very much , i like the sharks too much so i m very happy to know that there is another people who tack care about them and try to save them . i hope that you succeed in saveing these wonderful creatures . you ve got my support till the end. Duaa Rashid Amman,Jordan
- Duaa

I love =the sea very muth please please help help the sharks
- anoood

thank yuo for you doing this movie .we discusse with my class at college and teather about how can we save skarks?I hope all the best for the sea
- laila hamed

THis film is eye-opening in so many ways. I always thought Costa Rica was an advanced eco-friendly nation. I never realized they are a corrupt nation that allows such a horrid practice of shark finning. Shark finning is one of the most inhumane, disgraceful things man can do to another living creature and all i the name of money. I didn\ t think my opinion of human kind could get any lower but sadly it has. So much of earth\ s animals are heading towards extinction because of the greed of Asia.
- Richard Streett

When i get big i wohnt to do the same your do:)
- Sofie

What your do it so amaxing:)i am werry happy for the work your do:)
- Sofie

hi, my mom and i saw the sharkwater yesterday, after having seen your movie, we support your case 100%. and already shared it on facebook. and have forwarded it to my teacher. anyways good work, your movie shocked us. and we will go on from here spreading the word. josie/Danmark - Fuur
- josie