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This was quite an eye-opener for me!
- Warren Hansen

Completely changed my outlook on sharks and pratically everything else. Keep it coming! And stop this!
- Madison Bass

- maria hooper

Ce post m a beaucoup aide dans mon positionnement. Merci pour ces informations
- credit rachat de credit

This ia an incredible movie, and it really opens your eyes to what is really happening to our world. Just incredible. Amazing job Rob Stewart, Sea Shepard, and anyone else who helped to make this movie happen. :D
- Linds

Beautiful film, sharks are just fascinating creatures. A must have blu ray for every diver, a must see for every human.
- Konstantinos Anastasiou

this movie changed my life. soon after watching this movie I made posters telling poeple about this this tragedy and telling them to go and watch this movie, i have also designed t- shirts and have been selling them around my town. all my friends are wearing them now and i have raised money to donate to the sharks. people need to know the truth.
- andii

This movie is phenomenal, before my point of view of sharks were vicious creatures but i never got to the point of killing them, now after watching this movie a whole new perspective has opened up. Sharks are like any other animals but why must they be killed? HELP SAVE THE SHARKS ! :)
- Jessica

Totally mindblowing. I had no idea...
- Jens

one of the best movies
- anthony