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thank you for doing the movie. why have we been put to think so silly about sharks, we must change that. I will tell my friends and teacher.
- Ebba

The sharks are the most beautiful animals in the world.

Sorry, my English is not very good, but i still want to say what i think after I have watched this film. It is really a amazing movie and it made me cry. I\ m a Chinese student. Before i watched the Sharkwather, i thought the sharks were fierce and dangerous. I first knew this film was in a local newspaper. Some of the Chinese think that eating a shark fin soup means you are rich, You can see shark fin at Chinese big restaurant. They never think eating a shark fin is cruel. I watched the film over and over again so I can remenber the details and tell the fact to all my classmates and friends. I hope this film will be shown at Chinese theatre because it can wake up the people.
- Chen Yin

This movie left me speechless. We cannot allow for things like this to happen behind our backs. Rob Stewart, you are the reason to fight. Great film.
- Rebecca

that documentary is the best. we must stop to eat sharks !
- André

Very nicce!
- irricespoomma

This documentary made me so angry I had tears in my eyes. Could we humans be any crueler? I have always loved sharks and I plan on studying and researching them after I finish school, but this moving film made me so upset that I am doing everything I can to get out there and help protect these majestic creatures in any way possible.
- Katie

This is the most moving documentary I\ ve seen yet. How cruel can the human race get?
- Amelia

I watched it on HBO last night, and I almost couldn\ t move during the film but kept mumbling \"oh no, oh no\". I will never eat shark fin soup anymore.
- Debora

Thank you for making this great documentary. It gives important facts people need to know. No more shark fin soup for me.
- Chris