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Watching dis made me feel sick!
- Garry xx

Good news! President Obama signed the Shark Conservation Act of 2010 into law! Shark finning is now banned nation wide!
- Garrett

i am in grade 6 and i never liked sharks but now i love them i am doing my speech on sharks and how they are in danger i thought sharks where mean and gross now i think they are cute and nice creatures and we just have to be nice to them and they will not hurt us and they will trust us more
- lizzie

This documentary gives a more in depth knowledge of human kind being more aggressive to sharks than vice versa and not only to them but to our eco-system and way of life. Sharks are a wonderfully intelligent creature and the greed people are putting in towards earning a profit is really disappointing. The passion Rob Stewart shows in his documentary is how all humans should see and feel about sharks. If people read/watch correct information about sharks then maybe they would be on the verge of extinction. Great documentary. I really do hope this opens up the eyes of millions of people who don t have the correct concept about sharks.
- Lauren

Well Done :) :) :)
- Peter Jersey

i have always been scared of sharks and infact hated them..but this movie completely completely changed my views and perceptions..and hate the cruelty been done to these poor creatures all because of money..great movie
- valerie

Wow, I have thought sharks were great since I was a kid but I never had the passion Rob does. This film is stunningly beautiful but strikes its viewers with surprising impact. False ideas about sharks are debunked and a greater sense of appreciation is built up for these top predators of the sea. Rob spent obviously put a lot of time into Sharkwater and it shows. I loved the video and I will gladly tell others about it. Good job Rob, you and everyone who contributed to Sharkwater are definitely making a difference.
- Dani Amsalem

This film is amazing. I have seen it about 10 times or more. Everytime I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes. I love sharks with a passion. they are amazing animals. All my friends didn\ t understand that sharks are not bad. I made them sit down and watch this for them to understand that sharks are great. Thank you for everything, I truely admire your work.
- Lindsay

Sharkwater is amazing! Everybody needs to see it! Rob, there are no words to descibe how important you are - Thank you!
- S

I have tried to spread the word like you suggest by sending this link to friends, but it doesnt work, your email-thing
- Bolette Thygesen