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Rob, thank you so much for your work! I appreciate and admire what you do, we need more people of your type! I m a doctor from Switzerland and want to be doing humanitarian work in the future, your dedication is a big inspiration for me!
- Damian

Amazing documentary! Being an avid diver I have great respect for all of the ocean s great creatures and I am very appreciative for the experience you have shared with the world. Keep up the noble work you re doing.
- Jack R

It was such a good movie! I couldn t believe what I was seeing was true! I felt so bad for the sharks having their fins cut off and all :( I hope everyone will become aware about how badly sharks were and are treated.
- Katy

omg i was nearly crying when i saw the poor sharks getting their fins cut off! it was such a good movie and im glad my science teacher showed our class the movie :)
- kj 13

awsome movie i never knew a bout the poor sharks
- bob

awsome movie
- bob

The movie was very beautiful and i like it very much , i like the sharks too much so i m very happy to know that there is another people who tack care about them and try to save them . i hope that you succeed in saveing these wonderful creatures . you ve got my support till the end. Duaa Rashid Amman,Jordan
- Duaa

I love =the sea very muth please please help help the sharks
- anoood

thank yuo for you doing this movie .we discusse with my class at college and teather about how can we save skarks?I hope all the best for the sea
- laila hamed

THis film is eye-opening in so many ways. I always thought Costa Rica was an advanced eco-friendly nation. I never realized they are a corrupt nation that allows such a horrid practice of shark finning. Shark finning is one of the most inhumane, disgraceful things man can do to another living creature and all i the name of money. I didn\ t think my opinion of human kind could get any lower but sadly it has. So much of earth\ s animals are heading towards extinction because of the greed of Asia.
- Richard Streett