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This movie truly inspired me. I am now pushing my brother into becoming a marine biologist so he can do something about this tragic global issue.
- Taylor

Is mankind really a highly evolved and intellectually superior species or is mankind merely, as Mr. Paul Watson stated, “primates out of control”… after watching this film, I am more inclined to think we are the latter!
- Kelly

Truely inspiring, and unforgettable. I feel the need to protect them all.
- Paulina

it was an amazing film and i know sharks before but not on this way in this movie all was clearly now for me and it was so impressive I didn´t know that humans are monsters like this its the ugly truth that all is about the money but they don´t see that is kills our world and this graceful animals ... thanks for making this movie Rob it changes the world a piece with you we make the remainder !
- Bernard

an amazing film, it changed me and my whole view!! i think that schools should be watching this so they\ re perspective of sharks can change, so they can make a difference
- yasmine

Awesome movie!Everyone should see it to know whats goin on and how cruel and terrible the human acts!
- Ines

amazing movie of an awful thing
- louise

i just cant believe how humans are destroying the Earth we have to do something we have to stand up for sharks and all nature we have to do something not just complain
- juan pablo

every time i see sharkwater i cry, i feel every one should take a stand.. to help you.. thats why i have decided to do my english \"stand up\" project on shark rights and how sharks shouldn\ t have to fear liveing life. just so you know half way through the first time i saw the movie i couldn\ t finish because i was to upset. ever since then sharks are my favourite animal.EVER!!!!1 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)
- chelsea

Sharkwater is a great place to learn about sharks, how misunderstood they really are. Thank you for your work to save the sharks and keep up the good work!
- Mercedes