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it is the buffalo all over again we got lucky enough to save that speices but they are no lounger as massive as they used to be. sharks will meet the same fate if we don\ t do something
- Garrett

ich fande den film interesant und traurig
- andy

Ich liebe Haie über alles und ich musste fast weinen.Da ich mich so zu ihnen hingezogen wühle.Ich habe auch ausschnitte meiner Klasse gezeigt.Und ich möchte auch alles dafür tun das die haie überleben können.Und das ich selbst in ca.10 jahren sie selber erforschen kann.Doch ich weiß nicht wie ich Haieforscherin werden kann.
- maria

Great movie,everybody should know about this creature,thanks to the efforts of people like yourself,
- wang zheying

A very worthwhile cause and great cinematography. Kudos for putting in the effort to educate the masses on this important issue. However, next time: get an editor (or a better one)! The narration read a bit like a first year bio paper... including a few giant leaps and bounds in biological logic, and way too many grammar errors. It kind of takes away from the message and experience (which I was so looking forward to), for those of us who are in the know Cheers.
- Lorena

It\ s just great to see so many people here concerned about sharks. Sharkwater not just simply introduce the facts, but also guide me.There are so many things to be done and There are so many things for me to learn so that i can do more and make my action more effective. ACT from now on.
- Amber

I totally agree with most of the comments below. I never knew about all this. I just saw a huge whale shark a few weeks ago, it was so beautiful. In a year, when I\ m finally of age, I\ m gonna sign up for those projects.
- Jessi Bucks

This film is one of the most powerful,beautiful and yet educational documentaries I\ ve ever seen. I had no idea about the global shark devastation--thanks to the bravery and talent of Rob Stewart, my eyes have been forever opened. I will do my little part to see that everyone I know and come in contact with sees this film. And the next time I go diving, I\ ll see sharks in a totally different light.
- susanne quattro

awakening! Everyone should watch this film

Hey come on, sharks of course needs help from, but they are not the only one, just make it global, save the sharks,the bears, and the human !! We hardly need to change our bloody nature, and turn it into something better !!
- Soltan