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I totally agree with most of the comments below. I never knew about all this. I just saw a huge whale shark a few weeks ago, it was so beautiful. In a year, when I\ m finally of age, I\ m gonna sign up for those projects.
- Jessi Bucks

This film is one of the most powerful,beautiful and yet educational documentaries I\ ve ever seen. I had no idea about the global shark devastation--thanks to the bravery and talent of Rob Stewart, my eyes have been forever opened. I will do my little part to see that everyone I know and come in contact with sees this film. And the next time I go diving, I\ ll see sharks in a totally different light.
- susanne quattro

awakening! Everyone should watch this film

Hey come on, sharks of course needs help from, but they are not the only one, just make it global, save the sharks,the bears, and the human !! We hardly need to change our bloody nature, and turn it into something better !!
- Soltan

I\ ve been snorkling since I could swim and I could swim before I could walk. I\ ve always harbored a secret fear for sharks because I didn\ t know enough. I was doing research on sharks and came across this movie. The time after that I was snorkling in Galapagos and swimming with the sharks. Not away from them, but with the. It was the most amazing experience in my life, and I never felt threatened in any way. They are beautiful and majestic creaturees and we need them desperatly in or world. Thank you for making this documentary. It changed my life forever.
- Alyxandra

Great movie! for once, in this miserable life, someone is telling the truth about sharks. NO MORE LIES!
- Garrett

THANK YOU form making such a powerful movie about PERSERVING the sharks instead of fearing them. Mankind should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES for what they have done to this MAJESTIC CREATURE. BRAVO to you and the crew!!! I LOVE SHARKS and ALWAYS SPREAD THE WORD HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE!!!!
- Victoria Jean French

i watched this movie in hong kong and it really impressed me. I always love sharks. they are beautiful creatures but people just keep killing them. People should put more attention on saving sharks. Great Work LOVE IT!!!
- Lee Yee Ching Phoebe

What a powerful documentary. For too many years the plight of the shark has gone unrecognised by the worlds media. But now, thanks to the efforts of people like yourself, these magnificent creatures have a voice. This cruelty, suffering and destruction of an entire species must stop, otherwise man will be the bringer of his own extinction. Your film left me close to tears, such corruption and greed, regardless of the ultimate cost to the shark.
- Paul Gilhooley (UK)

I wish this Movie can change people! Ich bin immer noch zu tiefst berührt über diese Doku,die man einfach gesehen haben muss.Ich hoffe sehr das die Leute wachgerüttelt werden und sich an der Lage etwas ändern wird.Mein Bild über Haie hat sich geändert.
- Patric