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This is the most moving documentary I\ ve seen yet. How cruel can the human race get?
- Amelia

I watched it on HBO last night, and I almost couldn\ t move during the film but kept mumbling \"oh no, oh no\". I will never eat shark fin soup anymore.
- Debora

Thank you for making this great documentary. It gives important facts people need to know. No more shark fin soup for me.
- Chris

And here I thought no movie can ever make me cry.
- A

I first watched this documentary without sound. I took in what I saw at face value and could see how beautiful sharks are. I appreciated the shark as part of the earth, just as valuable as any other species. I applaud the work of Rob and countless others, inspiring to move into a more sustainable direction in human interaction and the earth. I am thoroughly disgusted with the disregard humans have for the neighbors we share the earth with.
- Colin

Now i realise that shark are beautiful creature in the world. and this movie change my view of shark. i planing to stop eat shark fin.
- Ken

Hafa dai Mr. Stewart from the Island of Saipan, Northern Mariana Is. I just watched \"Sharkwater\" and it was a great masterpiece. An even greater news from the students on our island is your possible venture out here and filming of our vast and endless beautiful ocean and shark\ s life. It is with great honor to be meeting you, our community is very excited. We guarantee your journey out here will be a great experience. Thank you for considering to visit our small island. We are striving to protect our ocean marine life just as you have. Thank you and hope to see you soon! Trina
- Trina, Saipan-Northern Mariana Is.

Just finished watching this miraculous film and I loved it more than I could ever imagine! I had tears in my eyes more than once during this movie. Thank you so very very much for making this wonderful film. I personally want to make sure that everybody that I know and love sit s down to watch this! Peace and Love
- Tyler

I decied to do my school speech on this to try and help you stop this slaughter
- Josh

Very good film. See it!
- Kunal