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Since several years now I am aware of the cruelty, ignorance and bestiality people show towards sharks and other marine species. Something must be done, and luckily is done by good people such as Mr. Stewart and Sea Shepherd. But what can us normal people do....... be careful with what you eat, be aware of sustainability and be a man, or woman, and donate to whatever you can donate to safe the oceans. Here in Croatia I see the same ignorance, if a rare species as a white shark is sighted they send the marines for crying out loud!!!! Even land species such as bear that are protected you will find on the menus in restaurants is just outrageous. Jacques
- Jacques De la Haye

i whant to save the shark . when will thay stop the killing .
- brianna

Total conservation epicness
- Cristina

sharkwater is the most inspiering films i ever seen iv bean steding sharks for 11 years now I nerly gav up hope intill this
- brett

It\ s an amazing film! Thank you for that. I\ ve never heard about all this cruel things before I watched this dokumentation. My only motivation to watch this film was, because I started diving and wanted to know the truth about sharks. Really, I nearly started to cry, when I saw the horrible hunting. I wished everyone would watch this film, so they all see whats happening every day. Greetings from Austria (we don\ t have any sea, only lakes and rivers)
- Karin

I watched this film not long ago, and will without a doubt spread the word. This show is moving and everyone across the globe should watch it. It isn\ t right. It won\ t ever be right; and it needs to end.
- Aurhianna

I just watched the movie, it was amazing. I ve always seen sharks as one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet and I believe this film will open people s eyes to the shocking finning industry and force the international community to take note and act. Thank you for this film.
- Chris

On a scale of 1 to 10 it`s 11.
- Melanie

Thanks for this amazing eye opener - what a beautiful, sad and most imporantly educational film! It has making me understand the truth about these important and great animals. I have already an idea on, how I can contribute to help changing some peoples views. Thanks again Terese
- Terese Hoffeldt

this documentary made me realize how people really only care about themselves and not the whole other world under the killing sharks it\ s killing the rest of the ecosystem. I want to write an essay on shark finning to inform the public that people around us our doing horrifying things to animals,the sharks.
- Neen