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Très beau film qui montre à merveille combien les hommes peuvent être cruels envers les animaux dans le seul but de faire du profit
- cindy, France

Thank you for bringing light to the world with this film. It captures what needs to be said magnificently and projects knowledge to those who are oblivious.
- Peter

Hey, I loved the movie, and it changed my life forever. I am now making a petition to present to \ The House of Commons\ to protect sharks until reproductive age. However, I have to say, I\ ve contacted sharkwater numerous times and you have helped little. Thanks so much for fueling the passion but not helping, it speaks volumes.
- Unknown

This movie truly inspired me. I am now pushing my brother into becoming a marine biologist so he can do something about this tragic global issue.
- Taylor

Is mankind really a highly evolved and intellectually superior species or is mankind merely, as Mr. Paul Watson stated, “primates out of control”… after watching this film, I am more inclined to think we are the latter!
- Kelly

Truely inspiring, and unforgettable. I feel the need to protect them all.
- Paulina

it was an amazing film and i know sharks before but not on this way in this movie all was clearly now for me and it was so impressive I didn´t know that humans are monsters like this its the ugly truth that all is about the money but they don´t see that is kills our world and this graceful animals ... thanks for making this movie Rob it changes the world a piece with you we make the remainder !
- Bernard

an amazing film, it changed me and my whole view!! i think that schools should be watching this so they\ re perspective of sharks can change, so they can make a difference
- yasmine

Awesome movie!Everyone should see it to know whats goin on and how cruel and terrible the human acts!
- Ines

amazing movie of an awful thing
- louise