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Before the movie, i wanted to become a shark expert. After this movie, i want to become a shark conservationist.
- Leandro

Thank you so much for devoting time and energy to \"demystifying\" sharks and their huge impact on mother earth! Like many I am a diver and am very sensitive to the protection of underwater life. Hope this film will have a significant influence on how sea life is seen. Great photography, music, and editing work... the movie just keeps you wanting for more.
- Ian Reid

I saw this documentary in science class and this changed my knowledge of shark! I just thought that shark is just a bad creature, but i know and i want to protect shark. Shark is an important creature in this world.
- Jessie Choi

this documentary is amazing, its a great eye opener. i saw this movie about 2 years ago when it first came out. i had no idea what it was when i decided to watch it, but after i wastched it i knew that i wanted to be a marine biologist. this movie changed my life. now i dont buy with a made in china sticker on it (which is kind of hard:P) and i dont eat in chinese places if they have shark fin soup in their menu. i also dont shop at places that have or are selling shark product.
- Sarah

We need to put an end to shark finning. Maybe everyone should boycott products exported from countries that neglectfully continue consuming shark fins!! For an example don t buy anything with a made in China sticker on it!
- Jason

Bonjour, j avais les larmes aux jeux quand j ai regardé votre reportage à la TV et je vous soutiens contre le braconnage illégal des ailerons de requins. Evidemment nous savons tous que les autorités étrangères sont au courant mais ne font rien pour que cela évolue, continuez vos démarches, j espère qu elles ne seront pas faite en vain. Salutations christelle.
- Christelle

I\ v watched this film 3 times in 1 day and everytime, I feel more inspierd.
- dekin

It was really eye opening, I knew shark finning was happening but I had no idea to what scale it was happening. It made me sick that someone could ever do something like that to an innocent animal.
- Jade

We need to stopt this. Tell your friends, family, colleages everyone to watch this film! Get the word out there! Visit the SeaSheperd website to help save these creatures, they are more important than we all can imagine!

It s unbelievable that this is happening. It s obvious that this mainly happens because of money, but at the same time it s idiotic for them to aimlessly kill sharks without considering the sharks population. This is barbaric and it needs to be stopped. I have talked to other people about this, now I hope that I can help.
- rock