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Sorry i have to correct my words: I mean horrific not incredible. Sorry Im from Germany ;)
- Antonia

Ive see the movie approx. 2 weeks ago and there is gone not only 1 day without thinking about these incredible pictures. I can not forget the eyes of the shark which was thrown in the sea without his fins. I want to help but I dont know how I can start and what can I do. Im feeling so helpless. BUT WE HAVE TO DEFEND SHARKS FROM SUCH CREATURES WHICH ARE NAMED HUMAS.
- Antonia

Hello, i just saw you\ re movie and i was really impress ! Thank\ sa a lot for this and be sure i going to spread this knowledge.
- lolo

I think you\ ve done an amazing work for sharks everywhere in showing us what\ s going on under our noses. Because I saw this I\ m now doing a speech for school on sharks and what\ s going on! Thank you, your an inspiration.
- Bella

What an eye opener! It s quite a disgust to know that we (humans) are so cruel and destructive. We are such a problem creator, however, we are also the problem solver. We can stop the shark finning. We have to. We can t let sharks disappear off the face of the planet because some people enjoy a delicacy.
- Tyler Evans

This movie was amazing. Sharks are my favorite animal and I want to do everthing I can to help stop there extinction.
- Alexa Rowland

Before the movie, i wanted to become a shark expert. After this movie, i want to become a shark conservationist.
- Leandro

Thank you so much for devoting time and energy to \"demystifying\" sharks and their huge impact on mother earth! Like many I am a diver and am very sensitive to the protection of underwater life. Hope this film will have a significant influence on how sea life is seen. Great photography, music, and editing work... the movie just keeps you wanting for more.
- Ian Reid

I saw this documentary in science class and this changed my knowledge of shark! I just thought that shark is just a bad creature, but i know and i want to protect shark. Shark is an important creature in this world.
- Jessie Choi

this documentary is amazing, its a great eye opener. i saw this movie about 2 years ago when it first came out. i had no idea what it was when i decided to watch it, but after i wastched it i knew that i wanted to be a marine biologist. this movie changed my life. now i dont buy with a made in china sticker on it (which is kind of hard:P) and i dont eat in chinese places if they have shark fin soup in their menu. i also dont shop at places that have or are selling shark product.
- Sarah