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On a scale of 1 to 10 it`s 11.
- Melanie

Thanks for this amazing eye opener - what a beautiful, sad and most imporantly educational film! It has making me understand the truth about these important and great animals. I have already an idea on, how I can contribute to help changing some peoples views. Thanks again Terese
- Terese Hoffeldt

this documentary made me realize how people really only care about themselves and not the whole other world under the killing sharks it\ s killing the rest of the ecosystem. I want to write an essay on shark finning to inform the public that people around us our doing horrifying things to animals,the sharks.
- Neen

This movie was very touching, i love swimming with sharks, they are our friends, they don\ t derseve to be treated like dirt, i try and get people invovled to save the sharks at every moment i can, i think anyone who views sharks as a threat should deffently watch this movie, as it will change there lives!!!
- Brodie

Its absolutely amazing that man can be so ignorant of what he is doing to his own world , this has to stop now - thanks Rob for bringing this to our attention- everyone needs to see this movie !!!
- Dave Irwin

I was moved to tears by this documentary, and I couldn\ t believe what was going on right under our noses. The interviews were great, and you\ ve really opened my eyes to what\ s going on. I\ m doing my speech for English about shark finning, and I\ m persuading people to get involved. Thank you for this incredible documentary.
- Rachel

I love this movie so much i feel so bad wen the sea shepard came to nova acotia the goverment had thier boat taken away.
- James

Sorry i have to correct my words: I mean horrific not incredible. Sorry Im from Germany ;)
- Antonia

Ive see the movie approx. 2 weeks ago and there is gone not only 1 day without thinking about these incredible pictures. I can not forget the eyes of the shark which was thrown in the sea without his fins. I want to help but I dont know how I can start and what can I do. Im feeling so helpless. BUT WE HAVE TO DEFEND SHARKS FROM SUCH CREATURES WHICH ARE NAMED HUMAS.
- Antonia

Hello, i just saw you\ re movie and i was really impress ! Thank\ sa a lot for this and be sure i going to spread this knowledge.
- lolo