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This movie made me cry. It was good cry though, this film will change the way you view sharks.

Protecting wildlife is one way to save human.


This was very helpful and good information. It really helped with my environmental project.
- Logan Bauman

I was totally moved by this movie. Also very worried about our oceans!! We need to stop shark finning!
- Nacho Friend

Eat leaves not sharks
- Chicken Mum

I LOVE the compelling proximity video, i agree that sharks should not be finned and instead should be used as a sacred creature.Rob Stewart gets the 9.69/10 but should try and use the sterotypical director language next time. Overall great documentary. If someone told me to finn a shark, i wouldnt do it
- Jeffrey Jeffrey Jefferson

Sharkwater was a compelling moving that moved my heart out of beat. I LOVE sharks. Ever since I was a young, I had a dream of swimming with sharks. Being located on the Californian coast, I grew up being very close to the water, and I soon had a love for the ocean. Sharkwater made me realise just how important sharks are for our ecosystem. I enjoyed this movie with great compassion for the sharks. 10/10. Well done Rob Stewart!
- Ciaran Rattson