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One of the most powerful films/documentaries ever made! I showed everyone i could, and they all agreed, outstanding! It actually makes you want to get up and do something to help, rather than just ranting that something needs to be done.
- Jim, England

This movie was the bomb and such an eye opener. Ever Since I did my open water diving course. My view on sharks have changed and this has forced that point. Though when i try to explain to people that everything underwater is more scared of you than you are scared of it, they don\ t believe it.
- Herbert, Aus

I ve seen this and I really wanted to download it on iTunes and share clips with my class, but it s not available for U.S. iTunes purchase!! What a shame. But this is still amazing and the word is being spread!
- Alicia

thank you for making this movie!
- sam

This movie was amazing! My kids and I love sharks and we knew about shark hunting and shark fin soup, but we had no idea how dire the situation was. We will act to help save sharks, we can\ t afford not to! The movie had some absolutely beautiful imagry, thank you for making this movie!!
- Tina in FL

I love this movie so much that i have devoted almost all of my free time in high school to saving sharks! I have always cared deeply about sharks and now with this movie to motavate me I have a group of students following me in raising awarness and funds, in the past 3 months we made 500 dollars and i have 4 months left to go! A screening of this movie is being held at my school and hundreds of students are expected to attend! i love this film and will never stop loving and living by it! thanks
- Ashley

This movie is sooo amazing! it certainly opens your eyes! it gave me a true understanding of how this is a really serious matter! definately a must-see!!! :D
- jen

sharks are supposed to be left alone! this movie is just so wow! im gonna show this movie to everyone i know.
- Frida

shark are not a evil fish, its a nice fish, am never kill a shark
- fabian

My biology teacher showed us(the environment club) this documentary. I was just amazed! It has changed my \ wanted\ career path from ecologist to marine biologist. Big big hugs to Rob Stewart for doing this great job! P.S I will never touch shark fin soup again [=
- Sarah Yeung