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It was really eye opening, I knew shark finning was happening but I had no idea to what scale it was happening. It made me sick that someone could ever do something like that to an innocent animal.
- Jade

We need to stopt this. Tell your friends, family, colleages everyone to watch this film! Get the word out there! Visit the SeaSheperd website to help save these creatures, they are more important than we all can imagine!

It s unbelievable that this is happening. It s obvious that this mainly happens because of money, but at the same time it s idiotic for them to aimlessly kill sharks without considering the sharks population. This is barbaric and it needs to be stopped. I have talked to other people about this, now I hope that I can help.
- rock

Awesome film! Just shows how destructive we as humans are. We are our own worst enemies.
- John

This film was amazing, Rob you have done a phenomenal job of portraying the shark in it\ s true light, a critical key to our own survival. It brought tears to my eyes to watch the brutality inflicted on these amazing creatures. We would not stand a chance against ourselves if not for people like you, who commit to bringing these issues to the world. Thank you so much.
- Janice

This movie brought me to tears - humans are ignorant and greedy barbarians! I want to buy a copy of this movie for ALL my friends and everyone that I encounter...people need education. People need to pull together and speak up - we have strength and a voice when we are in numbers - we cannot allow this to continue to happen!
- Nathalie

Thank you Rob Stewart! It was apparent that you were born to help the wonderful creatures. I m glad to see you bonded with the wonderful people of Green Peace. The world is a much better place because you re in it. This show has educated and moved me in many ways.
- Paige Ennis

I have always been fascinated by sharks and everything about them that there is to know..this movie is so intense I actually started crying and had to look away. My anger over the hunters and fishers and poachers is unbelievable right now. How can they not see what they are doing is killing us all??
- Michelle

Just saw this on moving, made me cry. The poor Sharks. I hate my species.
- Lalania

An excellent film.Beutifully shot and a very powerful message.There should be an international movement to protect sharks as they are Tigers of oceans.
- jay