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This, is just so terrible... How can they do that? We need to get the word out there, to make this go as huge as possible. Someone needs to get a giant Facebook group going or something. I looked, and the biggest group is only like 6000 people. Even the official movie page only has 10,000 - which is less than the number of sharks killed in an hour. We need to fight for them.
- Brodie

Humans are inhumane. Not only do sharks need help so to so many other species. This is just one example of our atocities
- susan galgay

I was so impressed by your movie and watched it in Toronto Canada. We lived in Asia for 4 years and always refused sharks fin soup at functions (often causing upset!). Can you include more footage from the Southern Hemisphere please? as its off Western Australia and South Africa that a lot of fear is generated by bull sharks. The Taylors (V+P), Australians in their 70\ s have been sending your message that sharks are okay, to deaf ears for many years. Best wishes for your team and our planet\ s sharks.
- MC

If you care at all about planet Earth, you ll do whatever you can to stop the MADDNESS that is shark poaching!
- Garrett

I can\ t stop crying!!! Been so shamefull as a human being.
- Afrin

Merci ROB STEWART de nous avoir ouvert les yeux. nous ne sommes plus ignorants.A nous de ne plus fermer les yeux devant ce massacre insupportable,agissons pendant qu il est encore temps.

i toltaly agree with this movie it should be on every chanel on the t.v every day at 12 when everyone is watching so then people can know about whats going on with our sharks my father handls sharks that have scars on there bodys from people trying to cut there fins off. please help this stop. thank you.
- laurie-Anne

I absolutely loved the film,and as a result the documentary has hardened my resolve to bring Justice to the sharks. I wish that the Sharks will survive these barbaric acts. Sometimes, even the worst of the animals on this planet are the most important.
- Shadowlore9

The documentary really go to me i absolutly loved it! i have always wanted to be a marine biologist and was aware of this situation and i am just so excited that now the world can see the destruction and brutality of illegal fishing that is going on around the world.I really hope that this documentary will help to open peoples eyes to this issue. A very well made documentary!
- brittany,ont

I hate to inforn others of this. But WildAid confirmed that Russia, Japan, and China have caused the U.N. bill to protect sharks to fail. I say, we boycott chinese products until they grow a brain and believe that sharks are endangered and are MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHALES!
- Mr. E