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I still can't believe what people will do to animals for profit, it has to stop!

I never more will see sharks in the same way. He opened my eyes for this catastrophe.
- Mari Crispim

This movie inspires you to make a change about the way you act, think, and talk about. Before watching this,I thought nothing of sharks and now I am doing whatever I can to help them.
- Serena

This documentary opened up my eyes!!
- André

The movie is just fantastic and I was deeply touched by it and trying to make a pledge to my friends and spread out the word, but the system doesn t work. Is it possible to fix it?
- Ariel

Just watch it.


The best shark movie since DEEP BLUE SEA.

Words don't do it justice, you have to see it for yourself - inspired!

Awesome and Unique shark Documentary! Very entertaining!! It totally deserves 5 stars and more! Hope everyone see it!