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sharks are supposed to be left alone! this movie is just so wow! im gonna show this movie to everyone i know.
- Frida

shark are not a evil fish, its a nice fish, am never kill a shark
- fabian

My biology teacher showed us(the environment club) this documentary. I was just amazed! It has changed my \ wanted\ career path from ecologist to marine biologist. Big big hugs to Rob Stewart for doing this great job! P.S I will never touch shark fin soup again [=
- Sarah Yeung

Kudos galore to Rob Stewart and his cohorts for not only educating us about sharks\ role in the marine ecosystem, but our role in decimating their numbers and ultimately jeopardizing the lives of all species.
- Leslie Peck

I just watched the movie and I am absolutely horrified to learn how these sharks are being forced to suffer for money and greed. Not to mention that this 'shark finning' is consequently destroying the ocean's ecosystem, which ultimately means the destruction of the entire planet. I am taking action to join the fight against this barbaric practice.

I can\ t stop thinking about the sharks. Save the sharks!!!
- Jennifer Cosgriffe

This movie is amazing. It has definitely changed my outlook on sharks. It was horrible seeing the torture sharks go through. They do not deserve such cruel treating. Rob is my hero!!! :) SAVE THE SHARKSSSS SPREAD THE WORDDD
- Chelsea

Your movie opened up my eyes to a part of sharks ive never seen amazeing animals that are been hunted down for useless things shark fin soup come on save the SHARKS!
- Aaron

Wow! This movie has definately changed my perspective on sharks, they really arent the enemy here, we are. Whats going on is very cruel and horrible. By making this video i would say that you got the word around alot. I never knew this was happening this badly. I say SAVE THE SHARKS. Cause they dont deserve this.
- Kurtis Lay

I recently watched the video in my Marine Bio class. I was amazed at the information that the movie provided me with. I never even knew that shark finning was happen. It really opened my eyes. It all completely changed my perspective of the animals in the ocean. I hope that others see the video so more people can become aware and help stop this madness.
- Gina Barberio