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Excellent. Very well done!

SUPERB movie. Very moving. If you have not seen this movie ... Go and Buy it !!!. Keep up the good work.

Painful and beautiful.

Very gripping documentary with an important message. I have def. become more aware of eating fish.

Excellent work!

sharkwater captivates everyone that watches it, even those who claim to "not care about shark finning" . . . its an amazing documentary. must see.

This man and this film have woken nations and peoples who previously knew nothing of the plight of the worlds oceans. To say that he is inspiration is not doing him justice. This film has redefined a world that is so misunderstood and a population that is in deep trouble. I show it to everyone I can and recommend it to everyone. One of the finest documentaries that I have ever had the joy of seeing.

Fantastic, everyone should see it.

Best documentary EVER, shocking and yet beautiful, hope it has a noticeable impact on shark conservation programs throug the world

I've completely stopped having shark fin soup at family functions to the dismay of my family