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yeah i surf down at newsamryna beach and ive never been scared of sharks but i had no clue about what was goin down with all the shark finning and it really is makin me wanna get involed and ima start cleanin the beach and work up to the day i can join and help yall out in the deep blue
- jon stokes

Thank you Rob Stewart! If it weren t for this documentary, I would never have known about shark finning and the reprecussions it s having on the shark population as well as their ecosystem. Thank you Rob for actually doing something and getting the word out. I must say that I was thoroughly disturbed when I saw some of those images. Rob Stewart changed my view on sharks, I went from fearing them to valuing them. SAVE THE SHARKS!!
- Megan Byer

Well, I must confess I was like any other random person, who thought that sharks were only cruel animals. But after watching thiS, I have certainly changed my mind about it and how their existance affects our life on this planet. Tears ran down my face when watching cruel images. It is a fantastic way to open other people\ s eyes, that like mine, were close to see the truth. Well done! And thank you for making me aware of this situation. Keep on doing a great job! From Colombia, Yusmari De La Puente. NO MORE FINNING!!
- Yusmari De La Puente

A very powerful documentary not only about the sharks, but about us and our actions towards the Earth. This film is one of the most inspirational films that I have ever watched, it has inspired me to do what I can to raise awareness of what is happening on this planet. Thank you.........
- Sebastian Mikolajczyk

Superb film that shows how important sharks are for human being!!! Peace for sharks!!! Stop finning!!!

An extremely powerful documentary, that has changed my perception towards sharks and brought about huge awareness of the dire, desperate need to save the sharks while there's still time.

This is the movie everyone on the planet should be seeing!

I learned a lot from this film - both emotionally and technically. Nice job. This movie is inspiration to get me involved in conservation of our natural resources that are so amazing to look at and enjoy.
- Johnny B

You will fall in love with sharks, and your heart will break once you see what these creatures are going through. WATCH IT!!!
- Laura

This is one of the most important documentaries ever made!