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Super film aves des moments d'emocion et des scénes térribles !!!plus que 5 étoiles c'est 10 que je donne!!

Finally stopped eating seafood after watching this. One of the best documentaries I've seen so far.

I had heard about this film and forgot about it but then I finally got a chance to see it again and was blown away. I then got my kids to watch it too so they grow up aware at the devastation being done to a very critical piece of the oceans ecosystem.


Rob Stewart has done a superb job in this documentary. I recommend Sharkwater to everyone and anyone who expresses a glimmer of interest in helping our planet and saving the apex predator of the oceans. Watch the movie. Then watch it again. And then tell all of your friends and family to watch it.

A fabulous movie. Informative, heartbreaking, and a call to action for ocean lovers everywhere.

Thank you, Rob for showing the world the plight of sharks. The secret is out, now it is up to US to do something about it. I, for one, have been a vegan for 5 years. Never been healthier, or my conscience more clear...

It was one of the most passionnate and moving movies on animals I saw in my 25 years of life.It kind of brings you to revolution. Well done !


Life changing!!!!!