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makes me ashamed to be a human being...........

Excellent and beautiful documentary of the truth of what is happening to our oceans. This film is a MUST SEE especially for kids who are the future of wildlife and habitat conservation.

They need to make versions in Spanish and Chinese as well.

I love this movie. I am very knowledgable about sharks but even if i was not this movie would still of captivated me. The story, the vivid picture, and its amazing soundtrack makes this movie an easy watch.

From predator to prey, a truly devastating film.

This movie changed my life and the way I view the world. I no longer eat seafood and I have a much greater respect for the oceans and all marine life. Every person needs to see this whether you are interested in the oceans and the environment or not. This documentary is heartbreaking, shocking, and absolutely beautiful.

People need to be aware of the evils of mankind and help put a stop to all this unneccessary killing!

A mindboggling and mindchanging movie. Movies like this one( and for example "The Cove") makes me realize that we do not deserve to live on this beautiful planet.

Excellent movie. Very well done! It's a real eye-opener! 5 Stars for sure!

EVERYTHING that Rob produces is worth 10 stars, coz he bothers! Its a rising swell people, we, the people, have the power to change things VOX POPULI!