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People need to be aware of the evils of mankind and help put a stop to all this unneccessary killing!

A mindboggling and mindchanging movie. Movies like this one( and for example "The Cove") makes me realize that we do not deserve to live on this beautiful planet.

Excellent movie. Very well done! It's a real eye-opener! 5 Stars for sure!

EVERYTHING that Rob produces is worth 10 stars, coz he bothers! Its a rising swell people, we, the people, have the power to change things VOX POPULI!

One of the most profound film I've seen about the holocaust going on this plant of sharks.

awesome film!

best. documentary. period.

Great film. It is a little graphic, however I still feel that parents should show this film to their kids after, say the age of 10ish. They are probably already watching tv/ movies/ video games where people's bodies are being blown up. Seeing marine life being murdered for real might instill a little humanity and show that there are real consequences in real life to killing. The most confusing thing for kids might be the hypocrisy of governments saying that certain actions are illegal, but then turning around and allowing them to happen anyway. I am so glad this film was made. This film makes one respect the ocean and the beauty of its creatures, including sharks.

I had heard of shark fin soup before the movie but never gave any thought to how the fins were acquired. After seeing this movie I won't touch shark and only eat sustainable seafood. The movie was well done and sparked a lot of conversation afterwards amongst the viewers.

This was the movie that changed not only the way I look at sharks but also the course of my life. It would deserve more than five stars.