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I had heard of shark fin soup before the movie but never gave any thought to how the fins were acquired. After seeing this movie I won't touch shark and only eat sustainable seafood. The movie was well done and sparked a lot of conversation afterwards amongst the viewers.

This was the movie that changed not only the way I look at sharks but also the course of my life. It would deserve more than five stars.

If you love sharks and want an honest view of the fishing/finning industry this is the movie to watch.


simply wonderfull

Brilliant movie. I only wish this had come out sooner. It sure makes you think and want to make a difference!

It changed the way I think about sharks, our oceans, our lifeblood!

Changed the way I looked at sharks who are my most deepest fear.

Amazing footage, this movie shows sharks in a whole new light.

you give me hope and passion for these animals ! THANKS ROB !