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I wish to swim with sharks as well. I was very moved when I saw this movie. It is so sad.
- -Lily

I\ m 13 and the first time I saw this movie was in class and me and my friends were all very moved. when the movie ended, it\ s all we could talk about : How can people be so cruel!
- Rebecca

very good movie very moving. hope we can stop shark finning
- melissa

i was moved by this wonderful movie
- Cathy

no buying no killing
- jone

educational and good
- wei

for the future
- wei

This is the most moving film I have ever seen, I am in grief. It needs to be shown more. I have always loved sharks and I knew they had become prey for the first time in their 400 million years on this planet. I had no idea of the massive scale and the absolute cruelty of the killing.
- Jayne

- corbyn

I'm 12 years old and I used to be terrified of shark and then i saw the documentary and it changed my whole point of view.
- Em