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A must watch. One of the most heartbreakingly sad documentaries I've ever watched, but a very important film and something everyone should watch. Especially if you're afraid of sharks, as you probably won't be after viewing this.

life changing movie, a must see.

excellent doc. taught a lot of ppl some awareness and it was entertaining to watch.

Amazing!!! This is one of those movies that will never leave your library!

Did this movie change your life ? If yes, are you continuing to eat fish and seafood ? I dont. Fish and Seafood I no longer eat ! This is my personal thank you to Rob Stewart for the movie Sharkwater which I take very seriously. Wilfried Niedermayr
- Wilfried,

Amazing. Ive always had a love and facination for sharks. It was heart wrenching to know that this goes on. Its truly barbaric, particularily the fishermen who cut off the fins and throw the shark back into the ocean after still alive. Disgusting.I will do whatever I can to stop this haneous activity from continuing. Thank you Rob for bringing this issue to mainstream media, I just hope that your work brings a positive change in time to save this awesome creature and ultimately humanity.
- Cameron, Canada

I just want to thank Rod Stewart for making this movie, and I hope that everybody will get a change to see it. It will change you as a person, just like it did with me. I truly hope that this movie incourrage more people to get involved in the fight against shark finning. And to all of the peolpe who already does, should have a reward for saving our planet.
- Richard

I just watched this movie even though it was filmed in 2006. Sorry... Before watching this movie, I\ ve known that shark is really important to the ocean. But from this movie, I learned that every year, thousands of sharks were killed only for their fins. This is heartrending. I don\ t know how many people realised the killing, and if they know it is nonsensical to eat \"fish fin soup\". I don\ t know how I can do my effort to save sharks besides writing my feeling in my weblog and tell my friends and family about sharks and their fins. What else can I do? Tell me.
- Jewel

After seeing this movie, I can t help but cry for sharks. I have studied and loved sharks since as far back as I can remember. And now, after seeing what happens to sharks anually... after seeing sharks getting finned and hunted...I feel broken. We must save the sharks, they are such magnificent, ancient, and above all, sentient creatures. We NEED them. Rob Stewart, if you are reading this, your film definately deserves the Nobel Peace prize; it was simply an incredible movie. I am only a college student, but I will help save the sharks. Shark poaching is WRONG! And I will do whatever I can to stop such MADNESS! Let sharks live.
- Garrett

Youre doing a good job, dont give up. Please produce more of such shocking movies because with such productions it should be possible to blow away the stupidness of mankind.
- Nina and Torsten, Austria