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A lifechanger -thank you.

One of the best movie ever made. I've seen some wild sharks in my life while I was in the water with them. It's a beautiful creature that I respect for their power. 5/5!!!

Great film and will change the way you view not only sharks but everything in the ocean.

Best documentary I've seen! Every other documentary makes me fall asleep.

must see it

Revealing, touching, educating and reallyoes chage opinions of people. If itcan get a wider circulation, maybe we can start putting some things right

This is a must see. It will transform your perception of sharks,

A must watch. One of the most heartbreakingly sad documentaries I've ever watched, but a very important film and something everyone should watch. Especially if you're afraid of sharks, as you probably won't be after viewing this.

life changing movie, a must see.

excellent doc. taught a lot of ppl some awareness and it was entertaining to watch.