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Thank you very much. I learnt a lot and will definitely continue to support your cause!
- Mélanie

Thank you for making a video that shows why our sea animals are becoming extinct. It opened my eyes for sure. I used to be scared of sharks. This movie opened my eyes and showed me that humans are worse than sharks. I always thought they were very dangerous and scary. I relize that we are the ones that are killing more money. THanks again for making me wanna help save sharks
- Tamara

This was an amazing video! I have never seen something done so well. It was shocking and brutal what was done to those animals, and I was happy that it was All shown in the documentary. The public needs to see this movie and be aware of the harm thay are causing to everyone and everything! Again brilliant!
- Lindy

My science class and I watched this movie over a few days this week... Everyone in a class 30 people was transfixed by what was shown on screen! Everyone was moved in some way or another. I personally was amazed at the information you fit in without boring the audience. Great Work! :)
- Hayley M

Thank you all for making this movie so people, including myself can see what is happening to our planet and sharks and take a stand once and for all and soon make a change before its too late.
- Maria T

My whole life I have been scared by sharks. This movie changed my view on what most would call man eating monsters. I now find them beautiful and majestic. I will never fear the ocean the same way I fear human nature. We kill because we can. We kill for profit. Whats more monsterous than that.
- Kate Hodder

Sharkwater almost made me lose my breath. I had no idea that this horrible actions took place on the world oceans. I felt so powerless and angry, but your incredible work gave me hope. I realized that as long as people are willing to fight, there is hope! Thank you!
- Sara from Sweden

utterly compeling!
- Kim N

Words can not describe the emotions I felt when watching this movie. I\ ve loved sharks since before I could walk. I\ ve recently been reasearching shark cruelty. Your movie has inspired me to take a stand.
- Ryan

My son and I was watching your film a couple of days ago on Swedish television (in Finland). Great film! It makes me sad what people do. They had a discussion at my son´s school about sharks-the teacher telling how dangerous sharks are. Quess who told them about your film and gave new facts! Keep up the good work! Mom