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Sharkwater almost made me lose my breath. I had no idea that this horrible actions took place on the world oceans. I felt so powerless and angry, but your incredible work gave me hope. I realized that as long as people are willing to fight, there is hope! Thank you!
- Sara from Sweden

utterly compeling!
- Kim N

Words can not describe the emotions I felt when watching this movie. I\ ve loved sharks since before I could walk. I\ ve recently been reasearching shark cruelty. Your movie has inspired me to take a stand.
- Ryan

My son and I was watching your film a couple of days ago on Swedish television (in Finland). Great film! It makes me sad what people do. They had a discussion at my son´s school about sharks-the teacher telling how dangerous sharks are. Quess who told them about your film and gave new facts! Keep up the good work! Mom

Hi! Im 100% with you guys keep up the great work.I loved sharks since i was little when i watched sharkwater it made me mad -also cryed that people are that heartless .When i was growing up i stuck up for them.Friends of mine always said why do you like shark they kill people i told them no they dont i always said to people how would you like people going to your house all the time.The ocean is there home we are just visiters respect them DONT KILL THEM
- crystal

I just took part of the movie on Swedish national television. It blew me away and raised my concern on highest level possible. I believe that we all need to contribute to save the sharks. You have done a great impact on my and my family’s awareness. We have joined the fight and I hope that the issue will get equal impact on government’s world wide.
- Alexander S

Great film! I love it when people take action to try and change the world. As somebody said in the movie we are smart enough to predict the consequences of our actions. But we are not smart enough to stop ourselves from destroying the planet.
- Emil

Ive always loved sharks, whales and all marine life and have done some conservation work already helping grey seals in Newquay, Cornwall in England. I have been so frustrated and disgusted with the finning,trawling and so called researching. This film has helped me improve my family and friends\ appreciation for our oceans and marine life and their views upon sharks have changed totally. Thank you for such a wonderfully made film,and I really inspire to become a role model like yourself.
- Kirby Moore ( 16 )

Hi! What an incredible work you´ve done. Thanks a million times. Never stop fighting for theese wounderful creatures. I wish and hope I can help you in spreading my new beliefs. I loved the movie!!
- Marita

Hi! I saw \"Sharkwater\" last night, and it was the worst tv-program I`ve seen..I´m gonna try to spread this to all I know, and I´d really like to help. What you guys is doing is so important, and I think that you should try to spread this to schools so young people like me get to know all about this.
- Amanda