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Hello! I´m Dani from Spain, I have seen your movie today, it\ s great! You made me cry! I\ m a scuba diver too, and I love animals and underwater life. It\ s great to have people like you on this planet. Thank you very much
- Dani - Spain

This is a great film. This film has changed my life, before the film I had no idea this was even happening. It inspired me to do my year long world issues project on sharkfinning and I try to get people to be aware of this issue or watch this movie as much as possible.
- Graham

It was a very moving documentary that portrayed sharks as a whole different animal

This is by far the best documentary iv e seen in my entire life!! I ve never been so touched by a film in a way that makes me want to help the world from so dangerous things as ourselves, as much as I have from this film. I have truly learnt a lot from this and I thank you a thousand times and more for showing us that this planet WILL go under if we let ourselves entirely rely on the worth of money!! It is true, we have started a third worldwar and the enemie is ourselves. If Al Gore can recieve Nobels peace prize, damn it, so can you!! Thank you for doing this!
- Linda Sweden

I love this movie. The preview makes me cry each time. And that\ s just the preview!!! I wrote a speech for school about shark finning and this movie in gr. 4. My teacher gave me a standing ovation and i would have gotten an a+ if i hadn\ t turned it in late. My friends said they love it. I love this movie. It makes me cry.
- Leanna

I actually cryed the hole time during the movie T.T I love sharks and what some people do to them is so sad and scary.They don\ t deserve that.I swear I\ ll do anything I can for them when I get older.(I\ m 14).When u really think about it they kill 5 people in a year and they are not protected and tigers kill 100 people...IT\ S SO NOT FAIR!!!
- Bri

Sharkwater, is my favourite movie. It expresses everything about sharks. It shows what most people never knew. I am totally against shark fin soup and doing many fishing. Money isn\ t everything. We are killing the planet and everything on it. I learned so much and now I follow everything about sharks and I do as much as I can to save the sharks. My dream is to continue the words of wisdom about Sharks and to maybe do a movie about this. In concluding, Thank You for making this movie; it shows everyone the true things happening in the world.
- Jessica DaSilva

Thank you very much. I learnt a lot and will definitely continue to support your cause!
- Mélanie

Thank you for making a video that shows why our sea animals are becoming extinct. It opened my eyes for sure. I used to be scared of sharks. This movie opened my eyes and showed me that humans are worse than sharks. I always thought they were very dangerous and scary. I relize that we are the ones that are killing more money. THanks again for making me wanna help save sharks
- Tamara

This was an amazing video! I have never seen something done so well. It was shocking and brutal what was done to those animals, and I was happy that it was All shown in the documentary. The public needs to see this movie and be aware of the harm thay are causing to everyone and everything! Again brilliant!
- Lindy