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I loved this movie, I hope that itís showed for every human soul in the whole world!!
- Malin

To see this documentary was a great inspiration and shows for everyone that YOU as a person can make a diffrent in this world if you are passionet about something. Its very often we feel that we cant make a change in this world but your work and effort is a great profe that changes can be made for the better!
- Chris

I just saw the film on TV. Entered the website at once. Great job - please don\ t ever stop trying.
- Cookie

What a great documentary! Althiugh it just makes me hate all the stupid idiots that are the cause of all this suffering and insane slaughtery! But hey, money and demand will make people do just anything! Keep on the fight! You\ re a true hero and persistence will, in the end, truly prevail!
- Peter Bergmark (SWEDEN)

Hi, I\ m a girl from Sweden and this film really got to me. I think your a great inspiration and I really hope that people will start to take responsibility and take action against all this. Thank you for fighting for the sharks!!
- Jeanette

I loved this movie; I hope that itís showed for every human soul in the whole world!! // Malin - Sweden

I cried my eyes out at times watching... I\ ve as well loved sharks all my life and I graduated art-school with the subject of sharks and the injustices towards them, and in just a couple of months I\ ll be in South Africa volunteering with the Great Whites - a wish coming true. I hope more and more people realize these awful facts and in turn spread the word. It\ s an awesome ducumentary although watching it makes me quite depressed and heartbroken. Rob Stewart - thank you!!!
- Katarina

Nice movie

hay im 15 years old and i have loved sharks for a long time. what i think your doing is great and i hope people see that sharks are not to be feared. great job and keep at it
- kris

What a fantastic movie. This isn\ t a documentary about sharks in so much as it\ s a documentary about us and our arrogance and stupidity. I congratulate you on your efforts and your bravery in the face of a corrupt legal system. Every day I become more and more frustrated and enraged at the folly of humanity. We know what goes on, we know the consequences, but yet we persist. Thank you for at least trying to open our eyes and shine a light into the dark crevices we\ d prefer not to see.
- Warlord0