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Before your film, I believed that sharks were dangerous. Now I believe that there the ones in danger. Thank you for opening up my eyes and remedying me of the medias poison. Not only SAVE THE SHARKS but SAVE THE OCEANS!!
- Elvin Manges

Thank you for making this amazing documentary and changing my perspective toward sharks. I wouldn\ t eat sharks fin soup anymore. Save the sharks!
- Rae

Rob Stewart you are the best. You have changed my perspective on sharks completley. This movie moved me so much and now because of you Rob and team, I want to be a marine biologist and dive with sharks. You rock thank you so much for inspiring meee!!!!
- Emma

I saw it and was so upset! I think it\ s horrible what they do! SAVE THE SHARKS!
- Sydney

I\ m truly moved by the movie. What an amazing crew of people who put this together. Kudos for your integrity, compassion and vision. I will do all I can to help make this abhorrent trade the way of slavery. Keep up the AMAZING work, dont ever be discouraged, what you have done and continue to do IS making a difference. THANK YOU
- Liz

I\ ve alway been fascinated by sharks and the ocean but I didn\ t realize that they were in so much trouble. This is my favourite movie and really inspired me to try and save them. Just last week I convinced my global issues teacher to show the movie in class. ♥ sharks!
- Kate

Truly shined light on the idea that people are afraid of something they do not understand. Sharks are something that i think a lot of people get general ideas about from movies and never took the time to realize how incredible and important they are to our world. This movie was amazing. It opened my eyes to a lot of things and truly inspired me to want to help save the sharks.
- Kristi

i love sharks so much that i saw this movie
- paul ostrowsky

I just finished watching this movie during the ecotourism unit in my travel and tourism class. This movie was absolutely amazing and makes you clearly understand the impact humans have on the world. It\ s awesome. I strongly recommend seeing it.
- Tianna Garrett

very goood movie ik will look at shakrs in a diff way
- Boo