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I thought the film sounded interesting so i recorded it, when i watched it i was so impressed! Now im doing a project on it for socials and telling more people about it, because what they are doing to these poor sharks is not fair!
- Rachel

That movie is breath taking, in a beautiful and shocking way. It left me deeply impressed and ready for some action. Even if it only means to raise awareness. Thank you for doing what you are doing ! Sandra
- Sandra

I love this movie it has really open my mind to this problem. I honestly can\ t belive this is happening
- Alec

Awareness is the key. I will do my part.
- Rae

Excellent Job. It hurt me a lot inside.
- Adam

i love sharks
- timmy

Before my teacher put this film on, I was scared of sharks and nervous to watch it. By the end it ahd completly changed my view. I was completely shell-shocked and so were all my friends. We had been TOTALLY clueless to what had been going on, and were so surprised! Thanks so much for making the video, otherwise we never would have learned the truth.
- Desirae D

You have inspired me to become an activist, and get this information out there. I WILL STOP THIS MURDER!!
- Samantha M

The film was powerful and gut renching. I found myself yelling at the screen as the helpless creatures were butchered and left for dead. I have such respect for Rob and others like him who dedicate thier lives to fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves in the world of humans. I will tell anyone who will listen about this cause and encourage people to watch this moving film. Thank you for your bravery and dedication Rob.
- Kendra S

I just watched your film Sharkwater and see why you have won so many international awards. It was without question the best documentary/film I have ever seen in my life. Congratulations to the whole team for making such an eye opening work of art.
- MIchael C