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My favorite movie! The world needs change, and this movie is starting it!
- Sarah

Truly an inspriational documentary. It reminded me of "The Cove." I hate the fact that assholes still do these things illegaly. I m very happy that people s eyes are starting to open and realizing the ocean is part of our reason for existence. Thak you for opening our eyes.
- Felicia

it totally changed my mind about sharks - impressive documentary...
- Bianca

now i know i must stop the Taiwanese mafia before sharks are gone.
- ponyporn

Stop consumption of sharks
- Alex

If its not green im not buying!!!
- Luke Bardoel

Amazing documentary, really opened my eyes about sharks. It gets me upset when people still practice shark fining and kill sharks around the world.
- Marina Z

i love sharks i would kiss one and do anything with it ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love sharks more than people
- daniel.A

This was an amazing doc and very insightful. I learned a lot. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is a bit graphic, but it gets right to the point and demonstrates the reality of what is going on in today's world, in the oceans and above them.

slaughter of the innocence