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Go on! Save the Sharks, the Ocean, us. I really started to cry when i saw how reckless and greedy some Humans can be. How they are going to slaughter all the beautiful Life everywhere, we should protect, beause we all have just one Chance to live. I really hope Peoples will wake up to see whats going on there. I wish you the Best and a lot of Power to stop all these Peoples who are trying to destroy our World. Julia

It makes me feel sick to see once again that money controls everything in this rotten world and unfortunately, I do not believe that the dedication and commitment of only a few, can change anything. One day, Mother Nature will give us a lesson we will never forget and we deserve, for destroying in such a cruel and petty way, what she has lent us ..
- Cris

i just thought it was amazing! i learned new things about sharks. i wish i could get to learn even more. thank you so much for this movie.. i cried when they were killing them then tossing them back in the sea
- marina

I am 17 years old and the first time I watched this movie, I was 12: I cried like a little baby. I still do. It opens the eyes of the people which before would not have looked twice at a shark before fleeing from its sight. It makes one think of the "what ifs" that should have a place in all of our minds and it also shines a light of pure beauty upon an animal which is very misunderstood, just like the most of us. It truly is brilliant and I would recommend anyone to view it.
- Sasha.M

My favorite movie! The world needs change, and this movie is starting it!
- Sarah

Truly an inspriational documentary. It reminded me of "The Cove." I hate the fact that assholes still do these things illegaly. I m very happy that people s eyes are starting to open and realizing the ocean is part of our reason for existence. Thak you for opening our eyes.
- Felicia

it totally changed my mind about sharks - impressive documentary...
- Bianca

now i know i must stop the Taiwanese mafia before sharks are gone.
- ponyporn

Stop consumption of sharks
- Alex

If its not green im not buying!!!
- Luke Bardoel