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I am from Australia and despite the media have always had a fascination and passion for sharks as well as other sea creatures. I am glad to see a documentary bring light to this important issue and applaud the efforts taken by Rob and the Sea Shepherd crew. Hopefully when more people become aware of this issue there will cease to be a market for shark fins. To see the footage of Sharks finnless floating to the bottom of the ocean is soul destroying!! Thankyou for this beautiful video and all your efforts! xx
- Lucy

I just recently watched Sharkwater and was appalled by what I saw. I\ ve eaten shark\ s fin soup and now feel extremely guilty for having done so. I will never eat it again and will encourage everyone I know to watch this film. Thank you Rob Stewart for bringing this issue to light and you have my support!
- Lissa Chou

Great film on important subject, but one major issue is really disturbing me with this film. The events of Costa Rica are displayed in different light in Sharkwater and Pirate for the Sea. Fled Costa Rica, or got the permission to go? If it is the latter one, then I am really disappointed in dramatization of events in Sharkwater. As if the subject would not carry the interest of the viewer enough...
- TIm

I believe that I\ ve seen Sharkwater 5 or 6 times, and now own it. I am a certified scuba-diver, and have encountered sharks on a few dives, they are truly spectacular creatures. This documentary inspired me to write my english speech for school about the effects of shark finning, which then won a prize. Thank you Rob Stuart & Team for creating such an inspiring film.
- Megan

What an awesome film!! It made me angry & I cried watching it. My 6 yr son has a passion for sharks & was angry at the shark murderers. He is scared that there won\ t be any sharks left when he gets old enough to go diving. He studies sharks & hopes to one day be a diver like Rob. Thank you for making this film.
- Valentina

Thankyou For This Insightful Works :)
- Burgo

Watching this movie mad me sad and furious at the same time. It gave me another extra boost to do anything possible to save the sharks and their environment. They are such beautiful creatures.
- Bente

I was in my AP Environmental class when my teacher suddenly brought up the topic of shark finning. She recommended this movie and another one called The Cove. I have to say that movie really brought to light issues I have not heard of a lot in the media. To be honest, I knew of people eating shark fins but I didn\ t know to what extremes people would go to for fins. I personally don\ t like going swimming in the ocean but I can relate to the people who are actively trying to save sharks. I admire what you guys are doing and will somehow convince my environmental teacher to show it to the entire class :)
- Laura M.

I watched your documentary more than 10 times trying to understand more and to remember as much as i can. I love diving. I went to different places to see the underwater. and i admit that I\ ve been always afraid of sharks!! after watching your documentary i realized that the fear i always had was made by mass media. from now on I\ ll do something to save sharks and earth. Peace!!! from Korea
- Sangyeop Kim

I come from CHINA yunnan,i\ m poor in english,but i wanna say i love shark very much,i hope sharks can still live on earth.I will never eat shark fin from now on.thanks for you mr.Rob and all protecter!
- shalong weng