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Sharkwater is an amazing documentary and I think Rob did a great job; he said that everything went wrong, but I guess it\ s exactly what he needed to prove anyway. I am scared of sharks, but nowhere the point of seeing them getting hurt by people. That is plainly barbarous and cruel! Sharks are God\ s Creation and He did not create them for us to destroy. They deserve to live!
- L.L.

Hi, I\ m from Argentina. I just saw the documentary and was very sad. I think it is great what they do for living things. I think we men, we do not deserve to live in a place as Marilla. and if something is not understood what I meant is that I do not know English.
- Nerea

why do they have to kill them i wish they can kill the humans that try to harm them
- dan

I cannot belive humas are sooo evil. i love sharks are my favourite animals. I wanna do more than just sign.
- Tiziana

Impressing,shocking,depressing and inspirational all at the same time.Great photography and I loved the music!!!
- Jan

Im a Dive Instructor in Australia on the GBR. I will spread the word to the Torism in Australia. Anna
- Anna Osinski

Im only 15 and i am trying my hardest to spread the word about shark finning and how horrible it is, but its alot of work to do so by myself in this huge city and im sooo glad that Rob made this movie it\ ll open people eyes to what they are doing to marine life, and it has also showed me how much harder i need to work to show people how horrific it is, so i rate Shark Water a easy 10/10, Rob please keep up the great work, My best wishes go out to you and Paul <3
- Kaycee

I just finished watching this documentary and am horrified at how careless we are at protecting our oceans. No more shark fin soup for me! Definitely going to spread the word and raise awareness for this very important cause.
- Jessica

the movie was awsome, on a scale of 1/10 easily high 11\ s great how it captures whats actaully going on with shark finning and lets everyone else know. i would give my left leg to save a shark! loveuu xx
- Garreth the great

Wow is all I can say ! I always loved sharks. I even dived with the in Hawaii. And iam sure that this movie will save sharks people will see how important they are. Please do a sequel it will help even more.
- Dan L.