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Amazing movie! Countries should put pressure on the chinese goverment as they do on Canada\ s seal hunting!
- Stefan

I always loved sharks, but this documentary was amazing. After Shark week on the discovery channel I was a little angry they were only showing shark attack shows other than one show. I put this DVD in and I cried, I can\ t believe how heartless people can be, and now I am trying my best to spread the news. Thank you for doing all you have done.
- Tiffany

Eye opening
- Jeremy

This movie was absolutly amazing. Im sure it changed the way people look at sharks. im 15 and have beeen diving with sharks since i was 5 and they have never caused any harm to me and they are truly bautiful creatures
- Tina

WOW! You really love sharks! I am now looking at sharks with a different approach.
- Tom

I told all my friends about you and about the film. Keep it up!
- Ian

i love to stop shark killing
- suheily

This documentary touched me. And it made me so angry! I can\ t believe what humans are capeable of doing to animals.. Thank you so much for making this great film. I can\ t really express how much respect and love I have for people like you. This world needs you. I will try to pass this film on to everybody I know.
- Franziska

Sharkwater was definetly the best doumentary I have ever seen, and one of my top overall movies. He exposed the treachery of what is really going on and shoed the true beauty and necessity of sharks. I found this movie amazing and life changing. Thank you so much to Rob Stewart and the Sharkwater crew---you\ re amazing.
- Sarah Dunn

Continuez de vous battre...
- Brice