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my biology teacher actually showed this movie to my class, and it inspired me to do whatever i can to help out marine life. now im volunteering at my local aquarium :)
- aly

i had no idea this was going on in such masses. i consider this genocide. this documentary has changed the way i look at all animals and the greed of humans. how can a 16 yearold do about something so out of control? pleeeaaas let me know!!!!
- Bronwyn Bushen

It is the best documentary I have ever seen and people should learn something very important from it congratulations on an awesome documentary
- Kajia Bonnette

Best documentary I\ ve seen! If this doesn\ t make a change i don\ t know what will. Go Sharks!
- Sal Bertucci (Windsor,ON)

A great movie, it is!!!!
- Yoda

Amazing film! It\ s hard to imagine what could have been improved. Thank you to imforming us about sharks. Hopefully, everyone who\ s seen it will tell everyone and more people will know about it.
- sharksareawesome

I\ m from china .I\ m so guilty about the ones who eat or buy shark fins .I will remember this film and let more people know about shark.I\ m sorry I can\ t bring translate this website to chinese,but I will try .
- Guichen Zhou

super film image magnifique je kiff les squale depuis pres de 15ans longue vie au seigneur des mer
- squaly83

i loved the movie. and i feel so bad for the sharks. i really wanna do something to help!!!!

I come from China. Thanks for this amazing film. Thank you for showing us the truth. Only buying stops, killing can do. Lots of Chinese eat shark fins because they believe that they can get stronger by eating them. Such kind of idea is deeply routed in peoplesí mind, even becomes a dietetical culture. You can image how hard it is to change a culture. Most of them do know what they eat is shark fin, but they still do so just becaues shark fin is a symbol of rich and wealth. The same condition heapens to other wild animals. I have introduced this documentary film to my friends and I believe they will be tauched by it.
- Shirley Wang