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I was in my AP Environmental class when my teacher suddenly brought up the topic of shark finning. She recommended this movie and another one called The Cove. I have to say that movie really brought to light issues I have not heard of a lot in the media. To be honest, I knew of people eating shark fins but I didn\ t know to what extremes people would go to for fins. I personally don\ t like going swimming in the ocean but I can relate to the people who are actively trying to save sharks. I admire what you guys are doing and will somehow convince my environmental teacher to show it to the entire class :)
- Laura M.

I watched your documentary more than 10 times trying to understand more and to remember as much as i can. I love diving. I went to different places to see the underwater. and i admit that I\ ve been always afraid of sharks!! after watching your documentary i realized that the fear i always had was made by mass media. from now on I\ ll do something to save sharks and earth. Peace!!! from Korea
- Sangyeop Kim

I come from CHINA yunnan,i\ m poor in english,but i wanna say i love shark very much,i hope sharks can still live on earth.I will never eat shark fin from now on.thanks for you mr.Rob and all protecter!
- shalong weng

This evening I just watched your documentary and I want to thank Rob for making me aware of what is happening to sharks. I am so angry, so disappointed in the world for letting this happen...I will make whatever difference I can...
- Annabella

I\ m italian and yesterday evening seen for the first time your film. I admit that till now I didn\ t know this problem in its real dimension and I was knowing nothing about the real nature of sharks and their importance for the Earth survival. I promise you and to myself that as of now I will spread this very important message to everyone. I love you for all that you\ ve done and you\ re doing for the world. God bless you! Alessandra Cavazzoli
- alessandra

It\ s a shame for Chinese to have such reputation to eat shark fins. Yet it\ s true that most consumers have no idea how cruel the process is, and how severe the consequence could be. I myself is a diver, and I\ ll try my best to spread the information and knowledge to Chinse people around.
- Y.

This is a very valuable piece of work, I will be doing my best to spread the message to help sharks. Well done, if more of us followed this example we could stop this.
- Simon Ashworth

Sharkwater is an amazing documentary and I think Rob did a great job; he said that everything went wrong, but I guess it\ s exactly what he needed to prove anyway. I am scared of sharks, but nowhere the point of seeing them getting hurt by people. That is plainly barbarous and cruel! Sharks are God\ s Creation and He did not create them for us to destroy. They deserve to live!
- L.L.

Hi, I\ m from Argentina. I just saw the documentary and was very sad. I think it is great what they do for living things. I think we men, we do not deserve to live in a place as Marilla. and if something is not understood what I meant is that I do not know English.
- Nerea

why do they have to kill them i wish they can kill the humans that try to harm them
- dan