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watching this documentary is a pleasure within itself....the killing of these beautiful creatures must stop....
- Cody Sponaugle

I\ m a keen scuba diver and Rob is absolutely right that anyone who dives with these amazing creatures can\ t help being changed forever. I\ m in awe of the commitment that people like you and Captain Paul have in devoting yourselves to such worthy causes.You have inspired me to tell everyone I can about these injustices and to promote awareness. Knowledge is power. Thank you for your great work guys.
- Tony Inman, Perth WA

Insightful and moving film, you brought my awareness of these creatures out of the dark. It would, however, be appreciated if it would be possible to receive a list of the 16 or 17 nations where it has been deemed illegal. I\ m in the process of meeting with my member of Parliament to discuss this travesty.
- Case

This movie is AMAZING it has changed my perspective of sharks so much! I think that we should have a strike to end sharks killing. Please I feel very touched by the movie and i give props to that man in the movie with the sharks
- the girl with green scarf

this movie changed my opinion on sharks! i feared tgem for my whole life but i see now that they are not out to kill us. This movie should be played for every person on this planet. i wish that at my age(14) there is something i coould do to help.any ideas,post it. I despise aquariums so i couldnt volunteer there. they\ re the ones who keeps the beautiful creatures locked up in glass buildings. not out free in our oceans. SAVE THE SHARKS
- CoolCat

Hi I just watched sharkwater and I am thoroughly disgusted at the treatment the sharks are getting. It is wrong to kill an animal for its fins and then throw it back in the water to die. If someone treated a dog or a cat like that they would be jailed and I think the same should happen to all people who torture and kill an animal. The sharks are a beautiful and majestic animal and are very misunderstood. Governments need to ban together and stop this atrocity.
- Cathy

my biology teacher actually showed this movie to my class, and it inspired me to do whatever i can to help out marine life. now im volunteering at my local aquarium :)
- aly

i had no idea this was going on in such masses. i consider this genocide. this documentary has changed the way i look at all animals and the greed of humans. how can a 16 yearold do about something so out of control? pleeeaaas let me know!!!!
- Bronwyn Bushen

It is the best documentary I have ever seen and people should learn something very important from it congratulations on an awesome documentary
- Kajia Bonnette

Best documentary I\ ve seen! If this doesn\ t make a change i don\ t know what will. Go Sharks!
- Sal Bertucci (Windsor,ON)