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There were tears in my eyes when I saw Sharkwater. This movie should be seen by everyone. Period.
- Sam

Amazing movie - I had no idea about the shark fin industry. Well done and the under water cinematography is amazing! A very good balance between adorable moving shots of marine life and the horrors of the line fishing industry. I am spreading the word about this movie.
- Jessica

Thank you for opening my eyes to this world I never knew. I hope this film gets seen by the world to help stop shark killing. We need to put a stop to this quickly to save ourselves and the future generation from the only home we have in this life. Excellent work on the film!
- Beverly G.

I watched this in the theatres, and I was so moved and felt so sick to my stomach with what was going on. When I was growing up, I have to admit, I did have shark fin soup for special occassions and didn\ t know anything too much about it. After this, I feel so horrible and fell even more compelled to do something about it. I bought this movie and can\ t tell everybody enough about how amazing this movie is and to spread the word! Rob definitely changed my view of Sharks and had 110% of my support!
- C

Amazing movie. i learned so much that i never knew and have definately changed my view about sharks.
- Jovan

Thank you for the eye opening documentary. We really need to render sharks exrtinct!!
- Sal Napoli

the movie was great i have really changed how i see sharks and have joined the petition and am doing a debate on this subject
- chloe rix

Not until i watched the film did i realize those stunning facts of fish-fin-soup...sigh~ what a shame:( How I wish I could know this earlier~ Great work, Rob!

exelent work the shark,I lover the shark...
- thifani pavn

My view on man & what we are achieving as a result of believing we are the most intelligent life on this planet has changed forever. Thank you Rob Stewart for opening my eyes, I will continue to donate to help save the sharks & stop their inhumane slaughter :(
- Daniela Rhodes