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this movie has changed my life. i watched it last year with my entire grade, and we raised about 1,200 dollars and got rob to come to our school. even since then, i have been writing speechs trying to convince my new school that shark finning is terrible. I hope this works. Thanks guys! you are amazing people
- sonya

shark water is amazing!!! i love it so much i am raising money to send to you i hope it helps even a little
- sarah

Wonderful film, I almost cried. And I can\ t eat meat anymore - not a bad thing, thought.
- David Markkanen

THANK YOU for opening my eyes; I had no idea and will be signing up as a volunteer.
- Lisa K.


We just sent 80$ your way. Glad to be able to help, if only a tiny bit.
- Michelle

My life changed after doing a beach clean & learning about plastic in the Ocean. After watching your insightful documentary it has confirmed to me I need to change my life & get busy helping even more. Thank you.
- Michelle

As an asian I was rlly embarrassed by those Chinese ppl. We\ re \"suppose\" to be the smart ones. I didn\ t know they were endangered. It was awesome. thanks to this movie, I skipped chemistry class! :P Save the SHARKS!!
- H.

I loved your docimentary ... I\ d be surprised if there was someone who didn\ t. It was a real eye-opener for those of us who knew so little ... thank you !!
- aliiiiiiiiiiiiiii

i really thought it was insightful...
- senna