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super film image magnifique je kiff les squale depuis pres de 15ans longue vie au seigneur des mer
- squaly83

i loved the movie. and i feel so bad for the sharks. i really wanna do something to help!!!!

I come from China. Thanks for this amazing film. Thank you for showing us the truth. Only buying stops, killing can do. Lots of Chinese eat shark fins because they believe that they can get stronger by eating them. Such kind of idea is deeply routed in peoplesí mind, even becomes a dietetical culture. You can image how hard it is to change a culture. Most of them do know what they eat is shark fin, but they still do so just becaues shark fin is a symbol of rich and wealth. The same condition heapens to other wild animals. I have introduced this documentary film to my friends and I believe they will be tauched by it.
- Shirley Wang

I think shark water was a amazing movie I did not know about all the shark that get killed for their fins I want to help. I want to stop the shark if you need help I will do what I can to help what a great movie. The people who kill sharks need to be stoped
- christina michaud

Already heard somewhere before that this was going on but never knew the scale. Awareness (especially in those Asian countries where there is a market for shark fins) is key in my view and I praise your commitment to this goal.
- Wim (The Netherlands)

Thanks for doing this, it make me realize how important and wonderfull sharks are. this videos are the ones to make understand people to take care of our world.
- mafer

Excellent movie and inspiring dedication to sharks. thank you for your commitment to saving the sharks and raising awareness to the world! Josh (California)
- Josh

wow.. Your film has opened my eyes to the slaughter and cruelty of these amazing beings. Some people just have no heart. Thank you and you have my full support! Brad - Australia.
- Brad

i most first say than you for this amazing film. i saw it in my school here in sweden and all my class partners though it was just horrible! and they all wanted to help the sharks. if you need any more volunteers to help the sharks i\ m your man. i really love sharks i swimmed whit them in a big tank here in sweden and thats was just a amazing trip so i know how you fell about the sharks are lowering in scale. Thank you for this amazing film!. from a guy in sweden
- cristopher alexius

Thank you for this amazing Movie . The People need more informations about Shark Finning . To all the Poeople in the World please Save the Sharks ... Sabrina (Germany)
- Sabrina