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Just a short thank you note to say how much my husband and I enjoyed the movie \"Sharkwater\", courtesy of your free tickets at the Empire Empress Theatre in Toronto recently. The photography was magnificent and it is a film that everyone should see. Very informative and enlightening and shocking. And how so much corruption and slaughter exists even in Costa Rica and the Galapagos, and of course, Asia!!! Thank you for filming such an amazing film and helping to educate all of us about our amazing planet and how we must protect it.
- Suzanne

This could be One of the BEST Documentary films ever produced: Educating & Eye-Opening - thank you for your efforts & composition
- Aaron

I bought this dvd in HMV without hearing anything about it. It is honestly one of the best documentaries i have ever seen. It is a bit of a shock and hard to take in that we are doing this to our planet and an important species. This film must be seen by every person on the planet. Filmed in HD so the shots are breathtaking some scenes are very sad. Amazing!
- lily

There were tears in my eyes when I saw Sharkwater. This movie should be seen by everyone. Period.
- Sam

Amazing movie - I had no idea about the shark fin industry. Well done and the under water cinematography is amazing! A very good balance between adorable moving shots of marine life and the horrors of the line fishing industry. I am spreading the word about this movie.
- Jessica

Thank you for opening my eyes to this world I never knew. I hope this film gets seen by the world to help stop shark killing. We need to put a stop to this quickly to save ourselves and the future generation from the only home we have in this life. Excellent work on the film!
- Beverly G.

I watched this in the theatres, and I was so moved and felt so sick to my stomach with what was going on. When I was growing up, I have to admit, I did have shark fin soup for special occassions and didn\ t know anything too much about it. After this, I feel so horrible and fell even more compelled to do something about it. I bought this movie and can\ t tell everybody enough about how amazing this movie is and to spread the word! Rob definitely changed my view of Sharks and had 110% of my support!
- C

Amazing movie. i learned so much that i never knew and have definately changed my view about sharks.
- Jovan

Thank you for the eye opening documentary. We really need to render sharks exrtinct!!
- Sal Napoli

the movie was great i have really changed how i see sharks and have joined the petition and am doing a debate on this subject
- chloe rix