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We just sent 80$ your way. Glad to be able to help, if only a tiny bit.
- Michelle

My life changed after doing a beach clean & learning about plastic in the Ocean. After watching your insightful documentary it has confirmed to me I need to change my life & get busy helping even more. Thank you.
- Michelle

As an asian I was rlly embarrassed by those Chinese ppl. We\ re \"suppose\" to be the smart ones. I didn\ t know they were endangered. It was awesome. thanks to this movie, I skipped chemistry class! :P Save the SHARKS!!
- H.

I loved your docimentary ... I\ d be surprised if there was someone who didn\ t. It was a real eye-opener for those of us who knew so little ... thank you !!
- aliiiiiiiiiiiiiii

i really thought it was insightful...
- senna

My boyfriend has always been in love with sharks since a child. His dream is to one day free swim with them as you do. Even though I\ ve heard him talk about sharks and the mistreatment for years until I saw it I truly did not understand the severity. We are now both passionate about spreading the word and trying to help ban long line fishing and finning. Thank you for your bravery and honesty on getting the word out on the travisty!
- Julia Altgilbers

Loved the movie... in an odd way... You did an awesome Job! I can\ t believe that people actually do that to some animals... so not cool. I\ m a vegetarian so I think doing anything to harm and animal is just cruel. Thanks for spreading the word! By the way, you looked amazing in the speedo (rod Stewart)
- Lenalee Lee

Awesome movie! I watched it in class and loved it! Great job :D After watching this movie I actually like sharks alot!!! :D p.s You\ re hott :P ( Rob Stewart)
- Mikki

I was honestly shocked the way people treat these poor creatures. I repsect what they\ re doing to save sharks and hope they keep doing it. All power to you guys!
- TM