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i think that sharkwater is doing a great job of trying to stop shark finning.... KEEP IT UP!!!!
- michael

it was good and i think we should make a bigger cause to help sharks like a goverment meeting to discuss this problem
- the guy that u know

This film is truly amazing. Everyone should see it whether they love sharks or not. People need to know what is going on in the world, and we need to do something about it. It is unbelievable how many people think its o.k. to do that for a living. These animals are seriously beautiful. And I don t know about you, but I WANT MY SHARKS IN THE OCEAN - NOT IN A BOWEL OF SOUP!
- Anonymous

I ve loved sharks for as long as I can remember, watching this made me hate societies stupidity for not learning the facts, where did we go wrong? Every one needs to watch this, Rob Stewart takes it to the next level with this documentary, showing the truth behind what so many people turn a cheek to. I cried a lot, but I learned so much more, and I am thankful to that. I can't wait to watch Revolution and learn more able what I can do to help.
- Madison Myers

For this film will touch you it s so sad what greed does to the human soul..for this must stop..
- Andrew pettenger

This movie made me cry. Why such cruelty? Only the human being to do terrible things like that...
- Ali

Stop shark finning and start portecting our sea environment
- Zhongzheng Yin

I was in tears when I saw this. This movie deserves to be seen in every theater, restaurant, house, hotel... If magic exists on this earth, it is in the sea. I want future generations to see the true beauty and wonder of these animals as well as other marine creatures. Stop shark finning and longlineing once and for all!
- Mayra Yundt-Pacheco

the best and most important movie i ever seen spread the word, i have!! Also see the movie THE COVE! same thing but about yhe killing of dolphins
- JoeSweden

This is an absolutely inspiring film that is moving and raises awareness about shark finning. I truly hope that more people watch is and are motivated to make a difference.
- Sonia