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Amazing documentary, really opened my eyes about sharks. It gets me upset when people still practice shark fining and kill sharks around the world.
- Marina Z

i love sharks i would kiss one and do anything with it ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love sharks more than people
- daniel.A

This was an amazing doc and very insightful. I learned a lot. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is a bit graphic, but it gets right to the point and demonstrates the reality of what is going on in today's world, in the oceans and above them.

slaughter of the innocence

Too much gore
- cheap ugg boots

just finished watching the movie i was sickeend by what i saw we need too smarten up or our children have no future nick: when i haerd i was completly devestated about what was going on there. i will try to get people to see what has bin going on with thease beutiful creatures im going to show my class when i can and i will try to make a social club to save the sharks i will do anything to do it
- michelle and nick

Eh! This was a truly inspiring movie, before i wasnt the greatest fan of sharks, but now i admire them ! I never knew how cruel people were treating these animals! :( It really upsets me! My friends and i our going to do some fundraising to help save the sharks!
- Erin

My school watched this doc and we were inspired to create a club that would save sharks and other endangered species. Thank you so much for all you do.
- Hazel

I m a senior of Chinese origin. In my life,I ve eaten umpteen bowls of sharksfin soup without ever wondering how or where they came from, to my greatest regrets now. Now I will never order one and will protest to any invitations to any banquet or dinner parties with sharkfins on the menu. In fact, every time I think of the images of those mass cruel practice of sharkfinning, I can t help start sobbing. Yes, to show this film in China, especially to youths and children is essential, and I already contributed my financial support for this. I also urged all my Chinese contacts on my email list to see this film.
- So sorry

A truly spectacular film! I hope that this will open the eyes of people all over the world to help your cause. Best of luck to you! Thank you.
- Ariel