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Not until i watched the film did i realize those stunning facts of fish-fin-soup...sigh~ what a shame:( How I wish I could know this earlier~ Great work, Rob!

exelent work the shark,I lover the shark...
- thifani pavn

My view on man & what we are achieving as a result of believing we are the most intelligent life on this planet has changed forever. Thank you Rob Stewart for opening my eyes, I will continue to donate to help save the sharks & stop their inhumane slaughter :(
- Daniela Rhodes

we do needed to save all of the sharks
- chrisk

Rod Stewart did an awesome job!

Rob Stewart and Paul Watson, thank you. I think sharks are fantastic creatures, knowing that they\ ve never needed to evolve, and are vital to the ecosystem. People like you do make a difference. You\ ve shown me the truth and its horrible. Thank you for fighting what is wrong! Thanks again
- Rob E

Thank you for opening my eyes and really amazing!! We most do something for stop finning!!
- Steven kim

wow..i already knew that shark finning is wide spread, but i wouldntve thought of it being THIS spread!! that movie once again consolidated my point of view concerning human enchroachments into nature. i just cant understand these people..i mean ok, they probably need the money they get by finning sharks, but how is it even possible for a human being to act like that, to simply ignore the way nature or especially the oceans work?? i love you guys for risking your life to show the world that sharks are essential for this planet..THANK YOU !!!
- Basti Pakulat

my chem teacher is showed us this movie because she said that it was really good. YUP! she was right. it was really amazing and changed my view on sharks. this movie is just great!
- almay