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As an Ecologist I under line the importance of top predators in every ecological system. We have so many examples were the disappearance of a top predator has disastrous effects to every part of the ecosystem it lives in. Wolves, dingo, tiger, lion: Time and time again we see a degradation of habitat when these disappear. In the ocean the effects arenít visible as much, yet. But if a similar effect occurs in the ocean as on land we are in for a big shock. Our dependency for oxygen, food, seasons and life is clearly bound with the oceans.
- Jacques Cop

We should save sharks!!
- YJ

Great movie, very inspiring and reveiling. Thank you
- Gerald Melanson

I watched this movie in my marine ecology class, it was quite the eye opener let me tell you. It\ s horrible that people are still able to be doing this, more countries need to ban it. If these sharks go,the whole marine food chain could be damaged for good. Like it was said in the movie. Things need done, and quick.
- Rachel

The movie was awesome. I love it and I like sharks like Rob Stewart. and my dad is helping me to save the sharks and I want to save all the fish and whales in the water.
- matteo (6 years old)

hi rob, your movie was very inspiring.our class watched it for society and environment. i fing it very scary that you actaully swan with sharks.i used to hate that i have watched ur movie im not so scared.thanx
- Jodi

After watching this documentary, it has reinforced my passion and love for preservation of our wildlife, both on land and sea. After watching the barbaric butchery of these magnificant wonders of our planet, I couldnt help but think that we are the true canivirous animals, we are the animals that should be most feared! I take my hat off to these guys that are devoting their lives to a good cause. I want to help, and I will!
- Daniel

stop finning sharks
- kayla

wow I cant spell I\ m sorry what I meant to say is I watch this video in class and it opened my eyes I want to write a book about shark fining and how I can\ t stand to hear that sharks for being kill just for finsoup SORRY 4 THE LAST LETTER WOW I COULD NOT SPELL
- Jade M

I\ m watching this video in class and it opened my eyes I plane to write a book about shark fining my plane is to save as any sharks as I cant. I can\ t stand to know that a shark is dieing
- Jade M