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before i watch the movie sharkwater i hated sharks so bad but now they are not so bad animals any more i can't believe they are doing this to them

Blame the media and globalization and the idea of capitalization. Sharks would be in less harm like most things if we just left them alone. People want it no matter how wrong it they are willing to pay for it. This movie though would change your idea of what hate realy is. People fear from the unkown like that idiot in the movie who was saying sharks are bad. Or the blonde who read that email.. Why are people so stupid. Watch this move and open your eyes and see the real truth.
- Primer

This is one of the best films I have seen. I am reluctant to say \"documentary\" because it is so much more... I bought this on Blu-Ray and watch it over and over longing to be right there with Rob...
- Mark Shipman

Its amazing how there is so much money being thrown away on useless research and how media focuses on what is not important and a world crisis as the extinction of a animal that has been here millions of years before us there is so much neglect to put money towards saving them.
- Derek Kosson

IM in grade 11 and my friend and i decided to do a short documentary on sharks, even in the 1980\ s there were people like us trying to do something and it has been going on for quite some time no, we do not realize how important these animals are to our ecosystem, to us, and to basically everyone. If the sharks eventually do become extincted which i hope it never comes to, we are for in a huge suprise. Alot of people know that killing these sharks is wrong and that there numbers or low and limited. So please, this should stop know!!
- Matthew MacDonald

Thank you so much for this documentary on long lining and shark finning. I have always loved and been intrigued by the fierce beauty of sharks. This documentary is brave and timely. Thank you so much for helping save an fragile part of our eco system. I am ashamed of my fellow humans for their killing off of the very thing that keeps them alive!
- Paula Webster

we are saying things about saving the world when we are the ones killing its precious belongings!!!
- onit seetoo

please save these innocent angels!!!

i feel disgusted with what we do to these caring animals when the world mostly depends on them!!!

this documentary is absoloutely heart-breaking, and heart-warming! i think that these sharks are being under appreciated for what they do for us humans!