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Amazing how we dont notice that we killl. so many sharks. Sharkwater was very sad and thrilling movie.
- Fredy

when i watched this movie at once i started to belive that everyone is greedy and that they donn\ t care that the world is going to run out of sharks in this world oh and shark finning must be bannnd.
- Tomas

This is really bad what people are doing to sharks i think they sould go to jail for what they do. I also think the resurants that sell it sould go to jail too. you are doing a good thing.
- Ashley Gr.5

that was a really good movie and i love that you love sharks just like me i thing its cool that you go under water and like pet the sharks i really enjoid yer movie and i learned alot of stuff. and i think that it is cruel what some people do to sharks. but anyways i loved yer movie and i hope to see it again.
- cole munn

your movies awesome
- ricky what

when i saw this i cant believe that they dont care that they are killing millions of sharks.
- Daneil

I\ m Studing to become A educator ok children and i think that it\ s should be grateful to show this movie to children to sensibilise them to shark.
- Caroline Auffret Dufour

As a future Educator I believe this movie should be shown in school. Its was educational, and will give our younger population more perspective on world issues such as shark finning. I had a student comment to me saying \"Im only one person so I can\ t make a difference\", so I lent my Sharkwater video to him and said \"Rob Stewart is only one person and look what a difference he is making\"
- Autumn

How can we be so blind to such importance? This is essentially of the most important issues happening on our planet at this moment. We should all dedicate our lives to becoming pirates and defending these creatures, for the sake of billions of lives.
- D

This is true - All in one! (greatings from germany)
- Andi