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Just an amazing movie. I could not believe how ignorant or how insensitive people can be. I hope this movie really does open people\ s eyes and we can do something it! Save the sharks!!
- Tony N

I have not been provoked more by a movie... ever. I took my diving certificate in the Philippines in 2007 and was lucky to dive with a Filipino tresher shark on one of my following adventure dives. The feeling I had at that moment is something I will never ever forget. Seeing this movie. That I\ ve never heard what we\ re doing to the sharks, and not knowing abour shark fin soup or shark finning. Even worse combined with economic cruelty - makes it likely to be very difficult to stop. Like I said - it\ s realy provoking. And sad.
- Magge

Since i am a young child i love sharks. They are the most beautiful animals on this planet. The Movie is so awesome, i love it. I hope one time when i am fished with my studies i can help out to kick the shark finning mafia asses :-) Greetings from Germany
- Jan F.

wow! i loved it! it wasvery inspiring and has pushed me to be a better person!
- kain maccollum

This movie is so amazing. I cried all the time. I will tried to held this cause in my contry.! Sorry for my english... it\ s not very good i know!
- Laurie

Last Spring, I vacationed in Costa Rica. Had I known about the tolerance of Shark finning in Costa Rica, I would NOT have gone! Thank you Rob for presenting these facts in a fashion that attracts the general public. Your energy is admirable. Love From Toronto, Canada
- Leah K

My Heart was crying when i see this Movie! Thank you all for your work! From Munich, Germany
- Tom

this movie is so awesome
- Bob Stafford

We are the worst disease that has hit this planet, ever. Letīs hope that we evolve fast enough to learn to live in coexistence. It seems we were given to much intelligence to stay in caves, but to little to understand what power we have and which responsibilities go with it.... This fantastic film is an eye opener, like there also should be for many other species as Tigers and so on. Letīs hope that it encourages enough people to make a difference and is not forgotten as \"another\" documentary. Donīt think about it.
- Ivo Goeckmann

This outstanding film changed the way I view everything in the ocean. I suggest that you provide merchandise so that we can spread the word even faster.I would love to wear this message on my back so that when people walk past me they wonder why shave the sharks? resulting in people looking up the problems or asking me about my shirt and becoming involved. Anyone with emotions would become involved somehow to save these peaceful creatures. please, start an online shop for merchandise...any little thing is worth it
- Rebecca