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i have always been afraid of sharks, but after seeing this film i really opened my eyes about how sharks are misunderstood. it\ s such a sin for sharks, and we really need to educate everyone else on this topic and get more people involved.
- Lisa

Have always been fascinated by sharks. I too am sickened by the wholesale killing of these amazing creatures. This blatant waste must be stopped. The movie was brilliant and I have shared my thoughts with all my friends. One of my wish lists has always been to learn to dive and to be able to somehow experience a small part of our great ocean wildlife.
- Monique

This is an important film. Very difficult to watch at times due to the devastation being caused by ignorant people. But I believe that the graphic content is perhaps what is needed to WAKE UP the planet. Thank you for making this film. I am a diver and I have been lucky enough to see many sharks face to fin. I will boycott Costca Rica and all other areas in the world which conduct line fishing. You should too.
- Grace

After watching the documentary I was shocked at what I saw. For 30 years I have dined on shark fin soup not knowing the scale of damage that I was contributing to. I was under the impression that the whole shark was used and none to be left for waste, I was mistaken. I have had my eyes opened and will no longer contribute to the brutality and greed. I will be one less person dining on shark fin.

so sad
- cvb

I just saw Sharkwater on HBO and I\ m so happy that this film was made. I have had a lifelong love and respect for sharks. I actually had a stand off with my parents when I was a child because I refused to eat shark fin soup. It was very validating to see my thoughts and feeling reflected in this movie. At the same time, it breaks my heart to see that sharks are being pushed to extinction. I can\ t even understand the cruelty and greed that keeps this industry going. Thanks to Rob Stewart and everyone involved in the film!
- Donna

Fine little Save-the-Earth piece, despite Stewart\ s constant voguing for the camera. (Also, he ought to learn the difference between staph and necrotizing fasciitis.)
- Simmans

I loved it as I am a commercial diver and love sharks and think everyone should respect them! If i ever had the chance to do what this man did, I would in a heartbeat!

one of the best wildlife movies I\ ve every seen.... If you care about the enviroment this movie will upset you.... but you need to know this stuff..... watch it twice.... you will get more form it the second time.... cant wait for his next movie....
- martin brown

You Totally Changed My OutLook On Sharks
- Nick