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Definitely the best film ever! I love to watch to these amazing animals, and I think I also want to dive with them after my study. I\ m gonna buy the photobook and the film, and I hope I will support the sharkfoundations with this purchase. The sharks out there in the sea, needs us.. so be there for them! And if we don\ t give up, the sharks will stay here!
- G. Leurs

This movie changed my thoughts about sharks and i would love to do my part to help save the sharks. I am totaly against fining. I think to is a very cruel think to do.
- Nicole

Last week we had an incredible fundraising night showing \ Sharkwater\ to the general public at the University theatre in Hobart, Tasmania. Disney gave me permission and supplied me with the DVD to use for the evening. Paul Watson was our special guest speaker (who had just returned from Antarctica chasing Japanese whalers) along with Carlos Perez (Spanish translator)and local Great White enthusiast Chris Black. You could have heard a pin drop as nearly 200 people watched the horror and beauty of your outstanding film for the first time. We raised over A$2000 towards marine conservation in Tasmania. Thanks Rob Stewart for such a fine production, what is your next project?
- Andy Cunningham

The best film i\ ve ever seen! There SHOULD be more people like Rob.. Keep On!! And never give up!
- J. Encarnação

i feel so sad when i watch it... we really need to save them n stop the killing. we need to realize that without them were going to be dead! when i saw the part in the movie where the kill the sharks for the fin it made me cry and when my family saw it. we decided to stop eating and even trying to order. we actually told the owner that they should stop selling shark fin soup and told them why and they said ok and it was a surprise. but it is really sad to knw we are losing one of the most important thing in our life. we NEED to SAVE them to SAVE us. we NEED to PROTECT them to PROTECT us. and WE NEED to SAVE the ECOSYSTEM!!! SAVE THE EARTH BY SAVING ITS LIFE!!!!
- adi

one of the most amazing documentary i ever seen. we need to stop the killing and save them... i need them to live. and the killing of the sharks in the movie made my cried and realize that shark is a very important thing in our life. save them to save us and protect them to protect us and save our ecosystem.
- adi iliya

i have always been afraid of sharks, but after seeing this film i really opened my eyes about how sharks are misunderstood. it\ s such a sin for sharks, and we really need to educate everyone else on this topic and get more people involved.
- Lisa

Have always been fascinated by sharks. I too am sickened by the wholesale killing of these amazing creatures. This blatant waste must be stopped. The movie was brilliant and I have shared my thoughts with all my friends. One of my wish lists has always been to learn to dive and to be able to somehow experience a small part of our great ocean wildlife.
- Monique

This is an important film. Very difficult to watch at times due to the devastation being caused by ignorant people. But I believe that the graphic content is perhaps what is needed to WAKE UP the planet. Thank you for making this film. I am a diver and I have been lucky enough to see many sharks face to fin. I will boycott Costca Rica and all other areas in the world which conduct line fishing. You should too.
- Grace

After watching the documentary I was shocked at what I saw. For 30 years I have dined on shark fin soup not knowing the scale of damage that I was contributing to. I was under the impression that the whole shark was used and none to be left for waste, I was mistaken. I have had my eyes opened and will no longer contribute to the brutality and greed. I will be one less person dining on shark fin.