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As a future Educator I believe this movie should be shown in school. Its was educational, and will give our younger population more perspective on world issues such as shark finning. I had a student comment to me saying \"Im only one person so I can\ t make a difference\", so I lent my Sharkwater video to him and said \"Rob Stewart is only one person and look what a difference he is making\"
- Autumn

How can we be so blind to such importance? This is essentially of the most important issues happening on our planet at this moment. We should all dedicate our lives to becoming pirates and defending these creatures, for the sake of billions of lives.
- D

This is true - All in one! (greatings from germany)
- Andi

Fantastic film. Beyond words really. Rob Stewart is absolutely brave and wonderful for making this film and showing the general public about what is going on right in front of us. This film will bring the water works. When they show the shark on the side of the boat still blinking, but thrown in the water with no fins, that is just unbearable. Most outrageous thing I think I\ ve ever seen. All-in-all, wonderful film and would recommend it to anyone!
- Emma

I\ ve never been more moved by a film - ever. Seeing those poor creatures mutilated like that made me cry. And just to make a bowl of soup??? Pitiful. I\ ve been diving with sharks a few times and they are magnificent animals. Please keep up the good work. Sharks need our help...
- Deborah

I loved this movie! i am scared of sharks from all types of movies but i still wish i could swim in the ocean with them. I hope people around the world see this movie and stop shark finning and poaching!
- krystal

Heck i may be only 15 years old but i can make a Difference And So Can you Personally i suggest everyone help save sharks and really All Animals that are indangered or at all i signed 245 petitions already to help save sharks and whales and penguins and seals and more and im currently working on a site that people can post their achievments on and people can congratulate or award them for what they did im not going to back down from this one ...this one is me .. im helping ...... IM IN
- Leo, Levy

I am totally your number 1 fan! you are an inspiration, rob stewart!! ~Mel (greetings from New Jersey)
- Mel

Best movie ever. Woo for the sharks! -Puerto Rico
- Jorge

This made me cry. Best movie ever. ~Greetings from Mexico. :-)
- Evelyn