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this movie is so awesome
- Bob Stafford

We are the worst disease that has hit this planet, ever. Letīs hope that we evolve fast enough to learn to live in coexistence. It seems we were given to much intelligence to stay in caves, but to little to understand what power we have and which responsibilities go with it.... This fantastic film is an eye opener, like there also should be for many other species as Tigers and so on. Letīs hope that it encourages enough people to make a difference and is not forgotten as \"another\" documentary. Donīt think about it.
- Ivo Goeckmann

This outstanding film changed the way I view everything in the ocean. I suggest that you provide merchandise so that we can spread the word even faster.I would love to wear this message on my back so that when people walk past me they wonder why shave the sharks? resulting in people looking up the problems or asking me about my shirt and becoming involved. Anyone with emotions would become involved somehow to save these peaceful creatures. please, start an online shop for merchandise...any little thing is worth it
- Rebecca

Four words: Stunning. Inspiring. Heart-breaking. Life-altering.
- Anna D.

i thought that u rob stewart will covince alot of people in the world to not kill sharks and i know know that you have surley conviced me alot about all of the things that you taught us in the documantry and know i am over the fact that if i go near a shark that it will no hurt me or kill me and i thank u alot that you have taught me all about sharks i am from trillium woods we were doing a video confrice with u on thursday march 5 2009 and i hope you acomplish all that u want and i am one of your biggest fans thankyou i look forward to the next documentry on how will humans live for the next 100 years -selin addante (ur # 1 Fan)
- Selin

i thought that sharkwater was a very CONVINCEING movie and now i now
- madeline

Sharkwater was the best movie ever made and Rob youare so amazing to do this for sharks thank you sharks are my favourtie!!!! So thanks so much and i loved the movie and i was at the conference and and thank you for having a conference and thank you for ansering my question From your biggest fan Sarah love ya
- Sarah

Definitely the best film ever! I love to watch to these amazing animals, and I think I also want to dive with them after my study. I\ m gonna buy the photobook and the film, and I hope I will support the sharkfoundations with this purchase. The sharks out there in the sea, needs us.. so be there for them! And if we don\ t give up, the sharks will stay here!
- G. Leurs

This movie changed my thoughts about sharks and i would love to do my part to help save the sharks. I am totaly against fining. I think to is a very cruel think to do.
- Nicole

Last week we had an incredible fundraising night showing \ Sharkwater\ to the general public at the University theatre in Hobart, Tasmania. Disney gave me permission and supplied me with the DVD to use for the evening. Paul Watson was our special guest speaker (who had just returned from Antarctica chasing Japanese whalers) along with Carlos Perez (Spanish translator)and local Great White enthusiast Chris Black. You could have heard a pin drop as nearly 200 people watched the horror and beauty of your outstanding film for the first time. We raised over A$2000 towards marine conservation in Tasmania. Thanks Rob Stewart for such a fine production, what is your next project?
- Andy Cunningham