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10 out of 10
- brandy newberry

Well Done Rob for showing the public the reality of what is going in our oceans on a daily basis. I hope governments across the world take note of this film and get of the collective asses before the life in our seas is no longer.
- Ben Blackney

You cannot look at our treatment of the world that surrounds us and not challenge each and every persons so called faith.
- Rob Thomson

I was so incensed by the video on the plane back from Hawaii, I felt like selling up and buying my own Sea Shepherd boat. Come on people spread the word!!!!!!
- Sebastian Wolff

I have to say that shark water stirs up a deep primal realization about who we are and how we treat the world around us Top notch movie for all walks of life
- daniel eisen

This was an amazing documentary! I\ ve learned so much from it! I\ ve always loved sharks and respected them, but it brought me even more awarness! Incredible job!
- Tatiane Barbosa

sharkwater completely changed my thoughts about sharks, i used to be afraid and now i love them, i watched it with my class and it inspired us to make petitions and do a video for our school. WE want to help as much as we can

Temos que fazer a nossa parte, protejamos o nosso planeta e todos os seres que o habitam! Só assim seremos realmente uma espécie inteligente. Good Job!
- nelson

sharkwater was amazing
- Kristin

i love sharks
- jason