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I loved it as I am a commercial diver and love sharks and think everyone should respect them! If i ever had the chance to do what this man did, I would in a heartbeat!

one of the best wildlife movies I\ ve every seen.... If you care about the enviroment this movie will upset you.... but you need to know this stuff..... watch it twice.... you will get more form it the second time.... cant wait for his next movie....
- martin brown

You Totally Changed My OutLook On Sharks
- Nick

Picked up this DVD by accident on Blueray, and turned out to be the best movie I\ ve seen in a long time.I was amazed at the beauty of Sharks, the camera work is amazing .Sickened by the depth of cruelty humans are capable of for a quick buck.On the flip side it its quite heartening to see people like Rob Stewart,the Sea Shepard crew ,etc taken action.
- Eric

good movie
- some body

AWESOME, we cant wait 2 c u on webcam!!
- Amber & Amy

Such a great Movie. Very emotional. How can you not love Sharks and want to save them after this movie. It scares me to death knowing that once they are gone we are gone too. My sisters and I have always loved Sharks and now we love them even more. This Movie is great. Well done. Time man stopped being so greedy and think about this planet. And do more to preserve it for future generations to come.
- Fran

I guess after the movie Jaws I wasn\ t too big on sharks but I was still very interested in them. Sharkwater is the best movie I\ ve ever seen and it really opened my eyes. I\ m trying to do as much as I can.
- Katie

Thank you for this film... I\ ve never seen something like that... I have to admit that i cried when i saw that. You\ ve done a great job. You are heroes. I hope it\ s still not too late...
- Jenny

I Have Always Been Into Sharks And Other Marine Life. I Have Had Shark Experiences Of My Own, But Sharkwater Made Me realize How Much More I Want To Be A Marine Biologist, And Help Our Oceans. It Just Amazes Me How Ignorant People Can Be, And Not Realize How Much Harm They Are Doing To Our World!
- Brandi Sauer