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I saw and realized how evil human kind can be with ourself. I will share this great experience with everybody that I could! Thanks Mr. Stewarts to stand up and fight! Thanks Mr. Watson to belive and help LIFE! BRAZILIAN PEOPLE CARE!!!
- Wilson Martinelli Reis

thank you rob, i thought nobody cared but it is encouraging to see you and paul and others rally to help save sharks
- David

im a 13 year girl i have been inspired to creat a grop on facebook please join:Rob Stewert- Stop killing the sharks! i truely have a totaly diffrent prespective. Rob, you have created a miricle!
- Ashley

To be honest... I literally cried when I saw this. It was so amazing and so very well documented! I have always loved sharks, but now I love them more then ever!
- Brenda

when i was at science class i was like maan i want to be like R
- Thomas

This is one of the most thought-provoking and heartbreaking documentaries I\ ve seen in a long time. It made me want to get involved...somehow.
- Mariya

I swear this movie captured the image of a beautiful creature that people are wanting to kill for a bunch of paper(money).This movie amazingly inspired me and ever since i saw it i couldn\ t stop thinking about it.This movie really opened my eyes and my heart to a world of natural beauty and importance of Sharks.Thank you for making this movie,it changed many lives and minds,especially mine.GO SHARKWATER!!!!!!!!!!
- Cristina S.L.

simplemente increible!!! pensemos y actuemos, no podemos esperar a que siga esta situacion.

blew me away. couldnt hold back the tears when i witnessed the brutal killing of these amazing creatures. I cannot put in words the feelings of shame i experianced watching this movie. Shame on our media, shame on us as beings, shame shame shame. hopefully this movie will wake people to the real world we all live in, before its too late.
- Sucitta

We\ ve seen the film. We agree that it\ s powerful. Now, it\ s time to act. Get involved, educate others, donate money. Just get moving!
- Beth