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Your film is Beautiful, Awe-Inspiring and reassuring- to know that we can make a difference as individuals and small groups. Capture people by their hearts and their brains follow. Clever Weaving. Very smart. Completely overwhelmed in best way possible!
- Jenita

This film was the first one I nearly started to cry about, because I was sad..poor sharks are being finned just for money...I hope that this film will open the eyes of thousands of people to see the beaty of this animals and to see,that they are important animals for the natural balance of the sea.
- Laura

Watching this changed my life. It made me see the evil in humans, the beauty of the sea. I don´t feel afraid of the water anymore.. =)
- PennyLane

Shark Water is an inspirational movie that changed my life forever. Poor sharks getting finned then thrown in the water to fend for themselves. Not only are we killing the sharks were killing ourselves. Just ask yourself this question, \"are the sharks the killers or are we?\"
- Nicki S.

This movie made me releize how curropt people have become by money and, that soup must taste like crap anyway first dogs now sharks whats next horses?
- Rasheed

Thank you very much for that movie!!! It is one of the Best dokumentary movies in the world. It shows very perfect how stupid humanity is! Killing species because of comment... When will they recognize that this is the wrong way,thats the way to hell on earth!
- Steffen (Germany)

merci rob et ainsi que toute ton equipe pour ce documentaire exemplaire et qui fera ouvrir les yeux de beaucoups de personnes sur ce qui ce passe dans les oceans! film génial,boulot génial,un grand bravo!! antoine (fr)
- antoine (fr)

C\ est un film vraiment touchant, de voir ses animaux torturés ainsi c\ est horrible .Ce film nous fait voir à quel point l\ humain peut être stupide et courir à sa propre perte IL FAUT AGIR ET VITE
- M-C Tremblay

I found this documentary a wake up call to how severe we have become in terms of treating sharks. I enjoyed this very much; watching it really opened everyone\ s eyes. Thank you very much, it\ s a \ \ must see\ \ movie
- alex

Bravo,Bravo,Bravo, ce documantaire est un vrai chef d\ oeuvre.
- Steve Desforges