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Hi, I was always interested in sharks but at the same time a little nervous of them , I always wanted to be a marine biologist or anything to do with the underwater. I was in geography class when our teacher viewed your document. Over 90% of our class had no idea that such a horrible disaster was taking place. Many people don\ t understand the importance of the underwater.We need to HELP!
- Hope macdonald

An amazing way to help kids to connect to nature. My grade 2\ s and 3\ s really got it! I will be developing a unit around it that integrates all subjects and is curriculum based!
- Rosemary Tomlinson-Morris

I was terrified of sharks and believed we would be better off if the oceans were purged of them and then I could swim fearlessly to my heart\ s content. Thanks to Rob\ s doco I am now educated and profoundly changed. I hope sharks survive and will do all I can to promote them. We humans have no right to continue to destroy Earth\ s ecosystems. We are also plainly stupid to do so as it is decimating our own habitat. What will future generations, if there are any, say of us? Let\ s take up the reins on behalf of the ignorant and foolish to save sharks and all other threatened animals and habitats. It is the wise thing to do!
- goddessence

you are what i want to be when i grow up! even though you were in the hospital you were still worrying and trying to do something to help them. ive always loved sharks and wish desperatly that i could swim with one! if only people would watch the film and relize how we are treating the planet we live on and the creatures we share it with. sometimes i think the world would be better off if people never evolved.
- katie

Absolutely amazing documentary - I was amazed and enraged... we MUST spread the word about this issue and this documentary. I will share it with my godkids and grandkids and anyone who will listen!! Thank you Rob for your courage and your perseverance... you are a hero!!
- Brenda

I use to be terrified of sharks, to the point where I would never step foot in the ocean, not even on family vacations and would not take my eyes off my family members that did. Now that i have seen these great and powerful creatures in another light I have no doubts that my next trip will involve deep sea diving. These are beautiful creatures that need to be taken care of since they obviously can not fend for themselves. We need them to keep order. I dont think people really understand them which leads to the fear of them. ABANDON FEAR
- Natasha

An amazing film !!! We have to tell to The world what\ s going on, we have to tell the truth and protect our planet ! We have to do that without the governments, this is our goal as human beings !
- Eddy

wow the flim waz awsome and seeing all kids of shark but the said part of it is how people are doing to thim i hope the sharks will stay forever more (12 year old)
- cheyanne

This film was the most amazing film i\ ve ever seen in my life. I felt so sad after watching it because i couldn\ t believe what was going on, i hope as many people as possible watch this as most people have no idea what is happening.
- Lucy

This movie was completely eye opening. I had no idea what was going on to sharks, and now I want to somehow make a difference by helping them. This was definitely the best documentary I\ ve ever seen. Amazing.
- Melissa