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I found this documentary a wake up call to how severe we have become in terms of treating sharks. I enjoyed this very much; watching it really opened everyone\ s eyes. Thank you very much, it\ s a \ \ must see\ \ movie
- alex

Bravo,Bravo,Bravo, ce documantaire est un vrai chef d\ oeuvre.
- Steve Desforges

Controversial! Daring! Impactful! and extremely sad. EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE!

amazing documentary!

An amazing and inspiring documentary film! I honestly cannot believe that people are willing to face the risk of a dying species and a changing planet only because of their greed for profit! Well, but that\ s nothing new..
- C.Z. (Germany)

Thank you Bob for the enlightenment about the ocean environment at stake. I wish dearly that the next generations will not only know about sharks in the museums as dry specimens (without fins). Shark fin syndicates might be stopped. The foundation way is to change the mindset of the Asian people not to eat sharkfins which are fundamentally tasteless and mercury tainted. When the demand stops, the supply dies as well.
- YK Lim (Singapore)

You are God sent Angel to protect the sharks, thus humans! I salute you for the almighty courage that have kept this mission going. Human beings indeed need to reflect on their own actions. Almost brought me to tears after watching your DVD. I wish you success!
- Sheldon Lim

I will never again eat in a restaurant that serves shark fin soup!
- Jessica Persson, (Stockholm Sweden)

Revealing, Exciting, Heartbreaking documentary. A must see for everyone on this planet - It has inspired me and my family to take action any way we can. Please watch and help!
- Randy Grasser

ever since i was a kid i have been so fasinated with the shark, iv been truly petrified of going in water! last feb i went snorkling just of phuket it seemed my fears had dissapeared, one man shouted hed spotted a shark.everyone turned around and started swimming back, but i didnt something just klicked, i had to see it, and after watching this film i want to see that shark again and again.! just want to say thank you very much for making this film and making people realise they are prey not preditors, and letting people seehow sickining fin industry really guys are truly amazing keep up the good work. thank you
- Ryan Powell