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Temos que fazer a nossa parte, protejamos o nosso planeta e todos os seres que o habitam! Só assim seremos realmente uma espécie inteligente. Good Job!
- nelson

sharkwater was amazing
- Kristin

i love sharks
- jason

I saw and realized how evil human kind can be with ourself. I will share this great experience with everybody that I could! Thanks Mr. Stewarts to stand up and fight! Thanks Mr. Watson to belive and help LIFE! BRAZILIAN PEOPLE CARE!!!
- Wilson Martinelli Reis

thank you rob, i thought nobody cared but it is encouraging to see you and paul and others rally to help save sharks
- David

im a 13 year girl i have been inspired to creat a grop on facebook please join:Rob Stewert- Stop killing the sharks! i truely have a totaly diffrent prespective. Rob, you have created a miricle!
- Ashley

To be honest... I literally cried when I saw this. It was so amazing and so very well documented! I have always loved sharks, but now I love them more then ever!
- Brenda

when i was at science class i was like maan i want to be like R
- Thomas

This is one of the most thought-provoking and heartbreaking documentaries I\ ve seen in a long time. It made me want to get involved...somehow.
- Mariya

I swear this movie captured the image of a beautiful creature that people are wanting to kill for a bunch of paper(money).This movie amazingly inspired me and ever since i saw it i couldn\ t stop thinking about it.This movie really opened my eyes and my heart to a world of natural beauty and importance of Sharks.Thank you for making this movie,it changed many lives and minds,especially mine.GO SHARKWATER!!!!!!!!!!
- Cristina S.L.