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Dear Rob, Thank you so much for making this film. I had no idea about this awful practise, you have opened my eyes. I\ ll stalk my friends until they have all seen this movie. People need to know. Please keep doing what you\ re doing, you have gained an avid supporter today.
- Marjorie (Amsterdam, Holland)

It was an amazing film and so inspiring. I am a marine biologist and watching this film got me back on track and motivated with my work. You have all done a great job!Thank you!
- Krista

This film is by far the best motion picture I have ever seen. Rob, you are truly an amazing man and I can not believe how gutless and dedicated you are. I cannot wait until I enter university to study biology and zoology and I hope one day I will get the chance to meet you. Never stop doing what you are doing and make another film!!!!!!!!
- Chelsea H.

Thank-you for what you and the others took on your shoulders to make this film possible!You made it clear: everybody not supporting the life-saving of sharks is guilty of tolerating their extinction.
- Barbara Ressel

This movie was very touching as it reached the bottom of my heart.I vow to save sharks at alll costs
- Saagar


Oh my god. This is the most amazing documentary ever. Its like, you think that sharks are the most dangerous animal on the planet and we are more scared. But then you watch this movie and you think that we\ re their only predator. Keep up the good work, Rob. Its no wonder why this film won more than 31 awards!
- Rylee Miller

Ive done alot of research on people killing great whites. I would very much like it to stop, but have not yet found a way HOW!
- murdo brudenell

I\ ve done a presentation for my module project 2 years ago on shark finning, before this film came out.The film reported facts and info no different from what I had presentated to my class.But the mere fact of someone so passionate illustrating the facts with jaw-dropping underwater scenes and pictures really drew home the truth.Now I feel I am ready to fight for the lives of these charming sharks.Hope to meet you someday, Rob.Grateful thanks.
- Shu Ping

I just watched this documentary and feel grateful to have watched it. It\ s heartbreaking to see how the sharks and other species in the ocean are being treated with no respect at all by us humans who are supposed to be the intelligent beings and to protect the environment :-( I am encouraging everyone I know to watch this documentary and not to consume any shark fin soup. If only they knew what humans did (and are still doing) to those poor sharks!!
- Veronica Halim