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This is very moving. I wish you could show this in all the cinemas around the world. Please think about the Dominican Republic when you deside to show this. Thanks for doing this, showing the cruel reality that this poor animals are suffering.
- Claudia Fulgencio

i just watch this movie to day novenber 19 2008. i actully watched it with my grade 7 class. well im in grade 7 i loved this movie. i thought that sharks were scary blood thursty animals but i found out that the are kind and nice animals. rob stewrt is awsome he got a flesh eating disease and he fought it and went swimming again with the sharks! Rob Stewrt is awsome i think of him as a role model i am going to try to save the sharks because they only make shark fin soup for status and that is stupid
- noah thibert

it was very blooding and i thought it was very cool
- burbury

we watched this movie at school and it really inspired alot of us! Great shooting on this video and keep up the good work:D
- berber

What you did was awesome! Nice photography!, but the message and the experience you transmitted is what is worth. This is a great effort just as Cousteau did few decades ago. But this is just the tip of the Iceberg. If we as humans don\ t make conscious about sharks, marine life, ecosystems, the atmosphere, humans on this planet to be concise, then, all of these will be worthless; and who knows where all this will end. As the Captain said, we seem like a bunch of monkeys out of control...
- Victor Becerra (from Mexico)

exelente amo los animales y creo q es un documental q muestra una realidad muy cruel de la cualno estaba enterada pero a partir de ahora es mas fasil colaborar sabiendo de su existencia!! me encanto
- renata (argentina)

Sharkwater was awesome! It really changed my view on sharks.. Thank you!
- Jacob Ammentorp Lund


I was told about this Doc and it took me a while to get the guts up to watch this. There are a few images that I will never be able to get out of my head. This is a devastating problem. I am very disappointed in the Costa Rican Government. They have been known for their great conservation efforts in their country. What I want to know is after the release of this doc what has been done to help this mass murder of pretty much everything in our oceans. I believe my fear of sharks is gone. Thanks you for this compelling doc, I cried more than I ever have over a doc.
- Kelli S.

Rob Stewart is my hero! I love him for everything he did for the sharks! Sharks have always been my favorite animal, and will be for as long as I live! I even plan to study Great Whites in South Africa, when I\ m old enough. This documentary was absolutely fantastic, and I am trying my hardest to get my friends to watch it too! I\ m even trying to get my whole school to watch it! Thanks Rob and Paul Watson for everthing you are doing for the whales, sharks, dolphins, seals... etc. Viva La Sharks! Viva La Sea Shepherd! Viva La Earth!
- Maddie