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Really really really nice documentaire about sharks and all other magnificent oceanlife and life globally! This one shows what is going on out there on the oceans and also shows we as humanity must take some serious action to prevent the entire oceans and eventually the entire planet from choking to death... (Nomura-yellies are just the beginning. How ironic... Nations who fish too much are tormented and smited by jellyfish-invasions! Haha!) Sharkwater also confirms the thoughts I have always had about sharks (Ever since I remember I have had a deep love for sharks). THEY ARE THE ARCHITECTS OF PLANET EARTH. THEY PRACTICALLY ARE THE REAL GODS OF ANIMAL-EVOLUTION. THEY WILL BECOME EXT

I\ ve just watched the movie and wanted to thank you guys for trying to wake up the world and face this important problem. The fact that people are doing this to sharks (and other animals for that matter) just to have some soup makes me sick. Even though the movie deals with a unpleasant subject the movie itself is a master piece. The underwater photography is amazing and breathtaking. Thank you for an excellent experience. I wish you all the best in future projects. Thanks
- Jeppe Schoubye, Denmark

Thank you so much for validating what I have known to be true for as long as I can remember. As a child I created my own scrapbooks about sharks in particular (also whales, dolphin, the ray family, etc). I was obsessed. I didn\ t ever believe creatures that magnificent were the monsters they were portrayed to be. I stand up & applaude your courage, fortitude & down right \"ballsie\" attitude to do what is right. Everything on this earth depends on each other. Same on us..we are supposed to be the \"intelligent species\". That\ s a joke! At least animals understand the order of natural selection.
- Maureen

I\ ve been wanting to see this movie for the longest time, and i was finally able to see it yesterday, i just want everyone to understand that not all costaricans are wanting to kill sharks, there are a few, like me, who wish we could stop this, but unfurtunaly, we have a bad president who thinks that building stadiums and bridges and fixing our streets is better that saving our sharks. This is a big price we are paying for this buildings, that, i believe, if we all fight against it, it can stop. I would rather a poor looking country that a country where people are murduring animals.
- Minor Esquivel (Costa Rica)

Ame la pelicula, creo que es necesario que la vea mas gente para asi poder crear una conciencia. Todos podemos hacer algo, pequeñas acciones pueden ayudar siempre y cuando todos cooperemos. Es importante darnos cuenta que no somos superiores a ningun animal y que no tenemos derecho a matarlos. El ejemplo de Rob es increible y si todos tuvieramos un tercio de su dedicacion podriamos tener un mundo mejor en el que se respete la vida marina.
- Elsa

I watched this documentary with my mom, she told me it was a amazing movie. We are from Nicaragua, and i believe in you, you are the one who can change the world idea about sharks. i enjoyed you movie, you look like a shark, to me you are the sharkboy. i hope God help you with everything you are doing for animals. one commitment that i learned when i was a chil is don´t kill, that is the reason i never kill any animal.........
- Zaky Chamberlain

This is very moving. I wish you could show this in all the cinemas around the world. Please think about the Dominican Republic when you deside to show this. Thanks for doing this, showing the cruel reality that this poor animals are suffering.
- Claudia Fulgencio

i just watch this movie to day novenber 19 2008. i actully watched it with my grade 7 class. well im in grade 7 i loved this movie. i thought that sharks were scary blood thursty animals but i found out that the are kind and nice animals. rob stewrt is awsome he got a flesh eating disease and he fought it and went swimming again with the sharks! Rob Stewrt is awsome i think of him as a role model i am going to try to save the sharks because they only make shark fin soup for status and that is stupid
- noah thibert

it was very blooding and i thought it was very cool
- burbury

we watched this movie at school and it really inspired alot of us! Great shooting on this video and keep up the good work:D
- berber