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I believe everyone needs to watch this movie. It is the best Documentary to ever come to the big screen. Keep fighting for the sharks. I am on the sharks side.
- Dion

Sharkwater is an amzing documentry. I was scared of sharks before i watched it and now i;m going swimming with them at Seaworld. The footage is amazing!! I love it!! Sharks are such beautiful aminals, thanks for showing that to the world. Save the Sharks!!
- ash

It makes me sick to see greed that could cause an animals to become extinct. The problem like Drugs, as long as there is a need, there will be a supply. The Taiwanese and Chinese people seem to have very little respect ecosystems of the ocean, and only seem to want gratify their EGOS. I also live in Costa Rica and believe the Costa Rican Government should be ashamed of itself acting like a cheap prostitute. By taking money from the Chinese and Taiwanese Governments and looking the other way. People Need To Know!
- Gregorio

Congratulations for your courage to start this big change! I hope all of us can be more respectful with every single ecosystem!
- Priscila - Brazil

This is a spectacular and revealing film. I\ ve always been fascinated by sharks since I was a kid. I learned a lot from this documentary. The world needs to know. Let\ s do our part to get the word out. If in Florida buy the Save Our Seas license plate for your car. Every little bit helps.
- James

le film est super j adore les requin(shark)et j aimerai travailler avec eu ...c es tdegeulasse ce que certain personnes peuvent faire aux requins
- joanne

Hey Rob, you made a unbelivable good movie! It shows not just how sharks really are, it shows also what humans like. As sad as it is, profit is all what cares in the world of today... And with this movie you make it very clear how the world will look like in a few years if we are not change our behaviour. Thanks very much for the great movie and hopefully I see u once at diving somewhere to speak to you personal Greetings Thomas
- Thomas

Before watching the movie, I was afraid of sharks. Now Im afraid of what will happend if the authorities dont do something to protect them! I admire your work but I think the UN must do something more effectively to protect those amazing animals! It is an internacional problem! ps:I bought the movie and Im making everyone I now watch it! Greetings from Brazil!
- Anna

I just watched Sharkwater and I am extremely ashamed of being a Costa Rican right now. I cannot believe how much corruption there is, and i wish there was more I could do.
- Elizabeth

Thank you.
- Shawn