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I just watched this documentary and feel grateful to have watched it. It\ s heartbreaking to see how the sharks and other species in the ocean are being treated with no respect at all by us humans who are supposed to be the intelligent beings and to protect the environment :-( I am encouraging everyone I know to watch this documentary and not to consume any shark fin soup. If only they knew what humans did (and are still doing) to those poor sharks!!
- Veronica Halim

People are not aware about that human being is destructing our earth eco-system. Some are and they fight to let the all world know these problems. Thanks a lot Rob! I hope this will change some people way of thinking. Whish you all best!
- Nicolas Jeanson

your movie was awsome
- gajani

i picked this film up in a video shop not expecting to see it, never heard anything about it. Becasue of my love of sharks i bought it and i was not dissapointed! its so moving and inspiring. brilliant work. i knew alot about sharks as it was but this film really puts all the important fact in your face unlike documentries on animal planet or whatever who just make sharks out to be killers. This film has made me want to do something to help the sharks that are being killed, life changing film
- Kyle Rigby

This is the kind of movie Hollywood should start doing. It´s just amazing! So awakening, interesting, I watch it two times in the same day. Hope one day I have the privilege of meeting you and with some luck dive with you. I´ll wait for the Sharkwater 2. Best Regards and continue the good work. Alfredo Luís
- Alfredo Luís

This is the most disturbing and awakening thing I\ ve ever seen. You are all heroes! For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in animals, especially those that people fear, including sharks. I know they\ re not as bad as everyone makes them out to be, because of the books I read about them and the fact that a lot of people are scared of pretty much anything that they don\ t know anything about. I\ m a senior in high school who\ s going to pursue a career in wildlife biology. I\ ve made a promise that I will give my life to protect misunderstood animals. SharkWater made me feel very emotional, and it has inspired me more than anything to do all I can to help wildlife.
- Briana Flanders

Visually stimulating, intellectually appealing, and life changing.
- Brandon D. Bourne

Really really really nice documentaire about sharks and all other magnificent oceanlife and life globally! This one shows what is going on out there on the oceans and also shows we as humanity must take some serious action to prevent the entire oceans and eventually the entire planet from choking to death... (Nomura-yellies are just the beginning. How ironic... Nations who fish too much are tormented and smited by jellyfish-invasions! Haha!) Sharkwater also confirms the thoughts I have always had about sharks (Ever since I remember I have had a deep love for sharks). THEY ARE THE ARCHITECTS OF PLANET EARTH. THEY PRACTICALLY ARE THE REAL GODS OF ANIMAL-EVOLUTION. THEY WILL BECOME EXT

I\ ve just watched the movie and wanted to thank you guys for trying to wake up the world and face this important problem. The fact that people are doing this to sharks (and other animals for that matter) just to have some soup makes me sick. Even though the movie deals with a unpleasant subject the movie itself is a master piece. The underwater photography is amazing and breathtaking. Thank you for an excellent experience. I wish you all the best in future projects. Thanks
- Jeppe Schoubye, Denmark

Thank you so much for validating what I have known to be true for as long as I can remember. As a child I created my own scrapbooks about sharks in particular (also whales, dolphin, the ray family, etc). I was obsessed. I didn\ t ever believe creatures that magnificent were the monsters they were portrayed to be. I stand up & applaude your courage, fortitude & down right \"ballsie\" attitude to do what is right. Everything on this earth depends on each other. Same on us..we are supposed to be the \"intelligent species\". That\ s a joke! At least animals understand the order of natural selection.
- Maureen