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I m really glad this was one of the two films I selected from Reel Canada to watch. It really opened my eyes.
- Jan

Thank you for stay there
- Oscar Vicente (from Spain)

Unbelievable film. Just incredible... :)
- Garrett

I cried myself through the whole movie. I am ashamed to belong to the same species as the monsters that can treat animals so cruelly.
- Rebecka

Shark water is amazing but I won t to know how many kills sharks do compared to human kills!
- Bob

This is the best documentary i ve ever f**k**g seen.
- Roma Aggar

The best documentary I`ve ever seen. There`s never been a film like this before. Seems like the perfect inconvient truth 2!

My AP Language teacher made us watch this film in class for 3 days, and I loved it! Not only is this a great film,but it really incorporates the human role in this and how cruel and important this subject is. I will make it a responsibility to spread the word about shark hunting and ask people to watch this film. Although this was sad and cruel,it makes us realize how important everything in this world is. Thank you for making me realize that everything on this earth is equal and sharks are not as dangerous as they seem! Any animal is just afraid of you as you are afraid of them!
- Marissa

Knecokd my socks off with knowledge!
- Becky

This is the best documentary I ve ever seen ! So gripping and striking ! It touched me so much. I love sharks since my childhood, and what it s happening to these respectable animals is awful. I saw your movie 2 weeks ago and it was like an electroshock. Before, I didn t know how to help sharks. Now, I m making turn your movie, as a start. I want to raise public awareness and do everything I can to save sharks. Thank you Rob Stewart, Sea Shepherd and everybody who worked on this movie. The world would need more people like you !
- Tiffany