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I am 17 years old and the first time I watched this movie, I was 12: I cried like a little baby. I still do. It opens the eyes of the people which before would not have looked twice at a shark before fleeing from its sight. It makes one think of the "what ifs" that should have a place in all of our minds and it also shines a light of pure beauty upon an animal which is very misunderstood, just like the most of us. It truly is brilliant and I would recommend anyone to view it.
- Sasha.M

My favorite movie! The world needs change, and this movie is starting it!
- Sarah

Truly an inspriational documentary. It reminded me of "The Cove." I hate the fact that assholes still do these things illegaly. I m very happy that people s eyes are starting to open and realizing the ocean is part of our reason for existence. Thak you for opening our eyes.
- Felicia

it totally changed my mind about sharks - impressive documentary...
- Bianca

now i know i must stop the Taiwanese mafia before sharks are gone.
- ponyporn

Stop consumption of sharks
- Alex

If its not green im not buying!!!
- Luke Bardoel

Amazing documentary, really opened my eyes about sharks. It gets me upset when people still practice shark fining and kill sharks around the world.
- Marina Z

i love sharks i would kiss one and do anything with it ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love sharks more than people
- daniel.A

This was an amazing doc and very insightful. I learned a lot. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is a bit graphic, but it gets right to the point and demonstrates the reality of what is going on in today's world, in the oceans and above them.