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The film was one of the most amazing films on sharks i have ever seen! I can not stress how important sharks are to the survival of man. Sharks should be loved and protected so that one day anyone who wants to may swimm side by side with the sharks they love not just letting humans hunt them to death. The killings of sharks is one of the cruelest things anyone can do. People should be prosicuted for murdering sharks. By having more people like Rob out there we will force the world and government to take action and protect these beautiful creatures. We need so much so stand up be herd and take action!!
- Asheleigh

Great film and I only hope that the world is not too late to save all sharks. To think that 10 years from now, we may not have sharks, bears, fresh water, oil and many other things that we donít appreciate is truly embarrassing. It s time that the world is managed using logic instead of self centered approaches to economics and politics.
- Greg

Thanks for a wonderful job! I hope that more people wake up and that people realize what our ego does to the world! We must do something now before it s too late.
- My

This is the most amazing documentary i have ever seen. I m always trying to get more and more people to watch it! Since watching this movie i always check to see what a fish and chip shop sells in it before i purchase anything!! i recently went to our local markets and saw that they sell shark fin at their pet shop. "4 your pets" @ Eumundi Markets, QLD, Australia. i proudly told the store owner that i would no longer like to purchase her products that i was holding in my hands purely because of this!!!! Thank you for producing this and opening our eyes!!!!
- Megan

I m really glad this was one of the two films I selected from Reel Canada to watch. It really opened my eyes.
- Jan

Thank you for stay there
- Oscar Vicente (from Spain)

Unbelievable film. Just incredible... :)
- Garrett

I cried myself through the whole movie. I am ashamed to belong to the same species as the monsters that can treat animals so cruelly.
- Rebecka

Shark water is amazing but I won t to know how many kills sharks do compared to human kills!
- Bob

This is the best documentary i ve ever f**k**g seen.
- Roma Aggar